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  1. Thomson MO5 - XML Database (complete) 1.0.0 View File Hi folks, This is my complete XML Database for the Thomson MO5 computer system. All 276 games known and dumped as of 20/02/2019, are in there. Really, everything should be in there. Here is the list of all genres used (using latest MAME genres as a template) : Adventure Ball & Paddle / Breakout Casino Driving / Boat Driving / Race (chase view) Driving / Race 1st Person Educational Fighter / 2D Fighter / 2.5D Fighter / Versus Maze Maze / Digging Maze / Shooter Large Multiplay Multiplay / Compilation Pinball Platform / Fighter Platform / Run Jump Platform / Shooter Puzzle Simulation Sports / Bowling Sports / Misc. Sports / Skiing Sports / Soccer Sports / Tennis Sports / Track & Field Shooter / 1st Person Shooter / Flying 1st Person Shooter / Flying Horizontal Shooter / Flying Vertical Shooter / Driving Horizontal Shooter / Gallery Strategy Tabletop Submitter Tarnyko Submitted 02/21/2019 Category Databases (XML) Credits Tarnyko