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  1. The file is fine and the link you have isn't for that issue but something completely different. Use a different computer.
  2. justinwebb


  3. justinwebb

    Rom server

    I have a full rack server running all my movies, file shares and VM installs and map my hyper spin roms to all the pc's and it works great. Have cat6 running to each room so my arcades can go anywhere
  4. Not all the systems have everything done so there will be gaps
  5. Sounds like a computer issue of some sort causing it to hang, I have it on 2 different win 10 machines and it opens just fine each time.
  6. i have a few dozen 6tb drives and 20 or so 4tb drives, by both western digital and hgst which is now western digital as they bought them. i have no issues what so ever but i have muliple stripes in raid
  7. It's not set up to read the xml yet
  8. could there be a default all option in the dropdown options or did i just miss it?
  9. You need to be a platinum level member, so of course it won't work.
  10. You aren't platinum which is required to use the application
  11. build your own, i have a server rack in my basement with 70 TB as of right now. it helps that I can order drives through work for dirt cheap so i just keep adding.
  12. did you click on the arcade icon and configure each system and enable it?
  13. Why does he have spam links in his sig?
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