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  1. Yeah I downloaded the correct set. I did find another thread a while back with the same issue and they messed about changing the theme.xml. I really cannot be arsed messing with this stuff any more. If one file type plays fine with a theme why shouldn't another file type play fine even when it does in WinMP? Anyway, I merged my .mp4 and .flv video files into one large video folder. I found the .flv files take precedence so all the old one play as they did... and new ones I was missing are catered for with .mp4. If any of those don't play nice then I can try converting them to .flv.
  2. I was missing quite a lot of video snaps on my cabinet so yesterday I downloaded the full .mp4 Mame collection for 0.202 version from Progetto Snaps: http://www.progettosnaps.net/videosnaps/ When I installed them I set up a new videos folder and renamed the old one to keep them as a back up. All these mp4 videos work but some of them look strange. They look very narrow and thin, their aspect ratio is all wrong and don't fit the theme windows properly. All I've done is the above... new set of videos in same directory. Not touched any themes or databases. Games like Frogger, Amidar, Moon Cresta to name a few well known games are all affected. If I play them in Windows Media Player they look perfectly fine though. Now i could just trawl through and see what's affected and bring in the relevant video from my back up. So it's fixable. But that would be a right pain.
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  4. I managed to get hold of an old version of Mame where the Cave shooters were working. So I want to add this to my Hyperspin setup. Obviosuly I don't want to ruin my existing setup. I know I need to add extra lines to the Mame.xml files to tell Hyperspin where to go for those specific titles. This has been done. The roms are in the same folder as the existing mame setup. So I have 2 different .exes and 2 different .inis. Seems like it should work but Hyperspin keeps saying "cannot find mame64.ini". I called the new addition mame64. I even made a CreateConfig.bat file in Notepad to make the mame.ini file, and it's there. And Hyperspin can not find it. But if I launch mame64.exe direct from within that folder it all works and I can run the new games. What is wrong please?
  5. Well since I restored the .exe files for both Hyperspin and HyperHQ everything seems to be fine. I've since done another scan and it's not throwing them out again. However, there is one program it simply hates and will not allow to be put back at all. And that's Hyperbrite.exe. I don't really know what it is or what it does, but every time I restore that one Bullguard instantly chucks it back out.
  6. Ahhhhh..... an update! I took a closer look at the quarantine records for my Bullgaurd AV and it indeed HAS quarantined those .exe files! I just didn't have the quarantine list sorted to have most recent at the top so I didn't see them. Now why would it do that?!
  7. I'm running latest Bullguard for AV. I've found this to be the best AV program I've ever used. Very unintrusive. I've checked all the quarantine logs etc. and there is nothing there except for an update to itself as I hadn't switched this PC on in months. I seem to have fixed the issue by downloading the latest 1.3.3 and just tranferring the two .exe files across to the original directory on the F: drive. That way none of my settings files and folders have changed. It's just very scary that something like this can happen. I've had this setup for five years now and nothing like this has ever happened. Not on this or any other PC I've ever owned. How can important program files just simply disappear?! I must admit that this computer is never really connected to the internet but today it is as my main PC has broken down. Could it be anything to do with that? And if so why would just those two exe files be affected?
  8. Just booted up my PC with Hyperspin installed and for some reason the shortcuts no longer work. They are on my desktop but the icon images have changed for both HYperspin and HyperHQ. Even if I go into the Hyperspin directory Hyperspin.exe has disappeared! There is a shortcut in that folder but that doesn't work. Exactly the same the same thing has happened with HyperHQ as well! Windows is giving the error that the .exe file had changed or moved. I don't undersdtand this..... I've done nothing with this PC since I last used it. So... I decided to plug in my mirror backup drive that I made some time ago. And that is exactly the same! My PC seems to be changing the contents of these folders for some reason. I can't see anything else that is strange with other programs. All the emulators and roms are still there, it;s just Hyperspin and HyperHQ that have gone AWOL. I only noticed it it because the icons on the desktop for those programs had changed and now they no longer work. And my backup too! What's going on??? EDIT: The main Hyperspin directory is labelled as being modified today on each drive! And I did not do anything. I didn't even open them till I saw the icons on desktop were not right.
  9. I have a couple of questions about contactors.... I'm definitely gonna be using Siemes contactors as they seem to be the best quality and don't lag. I've seen the 12V DC ones on Wolfsoft's site but they seem expensive compared to the 24V ones. I understand I need a separate power supply to wire up the 24V ones. Would this work out much cheaper and is it any easier? I also want to ensure that the contactors for the flippers do not activate while in Hyperpin menu mode. I understand there is a way to wire an octocoupler in with the contactor and LEDWiz to keep a circuit open to achieve this. Does anyone have any wiring info on this please? Do I definitely need 2x octocouplers for both flippers in conjunction with the LEDWiz?
  10. Hi thanks for the input. Just what I need. Can the contactors be run from the LEDWiz directly then? Do I need a booster board for those? I understand I need an octocoupler to reduce lag on pressing the flipper button. This is the kind of stuff I'm trying to get to grips with. Been reading a lot of stuff on forums and on traders sites. To be honest I find some of the descriptions of boards/accessories on some traders sites quite complex. It's as though they already assume the buyer knows exactly how to wire them etc. EDIT: I just seen you sell an RGB lightbar all ready pre wired. This is the stuff I'm looking for. Obviously for a mini cabinet this would need to be shortened. Is this possible? For the playfield LEDS I was thinking of smaller lenses such as the ones Chriz99 used in his well known Big Bang Pin. I think they were mini Mars domes. They would probably suit a mini size playfield strip better. I did find a coin door that may be suitable for my sized project: http://www.arcadeworlduk.com/products/Black-Coin-Door-With-Cut-Out.html It's a bit more square than the standard pinball coin doors and would suit my sized cab better. Dunno though.... what you guys think?
  11. Hi guys!!! I'm relatively new to these forums but been lurking and researching recently. Taken the plunge to build my first Hyperpin cabinet but it will be a half size mini affair. I usually post over at BYOAC.com but this seems like the most logical place for a Hyperpin cabinet project thread. I know people say "go big or go home" etc. but I just don't have the room for a full size. Besides I have built quite a few arcade mini cabinets using Mame already so I'm moving into pinball territory for the first time and would like to keep the mini arcade theme going. Because I'm new to this I'm gonna need some help along the way. Any advice or criticisms are most welcome. If I'm doing something wrong or something could be done way better then please tell me. I'm not gonna get all stuffy if someone says something is poor etc. But I've had some steep learning to do and I'm still in the planning stage right now. One thing I have done already is invest in the VirtuaPin digital plunger. I always wanted this project to be as "realistic" as possible so the plunger and nudge effects had to be incorporated. It's not arrived yet but because I'm now invested into this project it has to be completed! One of the first things I've decided upon is the size of the play area monitor, as this basically determines the size of the finished project. I think I'm gonna go for a 27" HD monitor for this. It's big enough for my purposes. I also have already in the house 17" and 19" 4:3 monitors for the back box. So one of those will be selected. The DMD will be on a third monitor just below the backbox between two speakers. I really like that basic setup for a backbox, it looks so classic and neat to me. I also want the backbox to be able to fold down for moving about and be able to be completely disconnected from the main cabinet. My PC specs aren't brilliant, but I think they should be enough for this project: Intel E8500 dual core processor (easily overclocked) Windows Vista 32bit with 4GB RAM Radeon HD 4850 card 2.1 stereo system with mini subwoofer I know I'll need a third card to run three monitors. I'll sort that out later on. This PC is left over from when I built a new desktop this summer. So I don't need to shell out for another PC (I hope!) I also need to decide what toys I'm gonna be running in this thing. Due to it being a mini table I simply cannot get everything in there. For now I've decided to use 5x Siemens contactors for feedback. I definitely want this feedback at least as bare minimum. Don't think 7x contactors will be of any benefit in such a small cabinet. I *might* add a knocker and/or shaker in there as well, but these are strictly extras on the list for now as I dunno if they will fit. Then we come to the controlling boards etc. I'm looking at the LEDWiz and also a booster board. I want to add 2x banks of LEDS: one bank in the playfield at the back and one bank on top of the backbox. I dunno if I'll need a booster board or not. This is where I really need peoples help. I'm not averse to buying extra boards etc. This is not a budget project as I want it to be as nice as possible. I remember my early Mame projects and I've learned a lot since then with my builds. I've raised my own personal bar over the years and want this to be as good as my recent stuff, size permitting. No coin door for this project. I did think about it but to be honest it would make the main cabinet too tall and look out of proportion to the rest. I'll just place the necessary buttons on the front. So pics will be forthcoming when I get round to building. Need to get the monitor for the playfield as that is something I still need to buy.
  12. Hi guys!!! I'm new to the world of pinball builds, but I do have experience of cabinet builds using Mame. I feel this is a "step up" so to speak as there is more stuff to get to grips with. I generally build mini cabs as I don't have room for full size items. So my pinball planning right now is for a reduced sized cabinet. Anyway enough waffling! I'm in the early stages of planning right now and I see that some people have 4 flipper buttons and others use only 2. Is there a definite advantage to having 4? Will I miss out on any awesome tables if I just use 2? If I can get away with 2 and still have 99% of the tables available then I'll go that route as it is a smaller machine I'm building. The only part I've ordered so far is the VirtuaPin™ digital plunger kit. So now that I'm invested already this has got to be completed! While I'm at it my PC specs are an old desktop I was using. E8500 dual core processor (easily overclockable) with Radeon 4850 card with Windows Vista 32bit. I do want to run a three monitor setup so I know I'll need a second card. Does that spec sound good enough? It's what I have already so could save £££'s.
  13. Many thanks for the quick reply! I managed to find a stockist locally to me and they have various 24VDC ones available. They don't have any 12VDC ones though. So which do I go for out of this lot? They range in price from just under £30 to over £80 so this is gonna be expensive. I can buy just one to try it out and then get more later. http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/browse.jsp?N=100445+2031+212894+110152808&No=0&getResults=true&appliedparametrics=true&locale=en_UK&divisionLocale=en_UK&catalogId=&skipManufacturer=false&skipParametricAttributeId=&prevNValues=100445+2031+212894&mm=1002754||,&filtersHidden=false&appliedHidden=false&autoApply=false&originalQueryURL=%2Fjsp%2Fsearch%2Fbrowse.jsp%3FN%3D100445%2B2031%2B212894%26No%3D0%26getResults%3Dtrue%26appliedparametrics%3Dtrue%26locale%3Den_UK%26divisionLocale%3Den_UK%26catalogId%3D%26skipManufacturer%3Dfalse%26skipParametricAttributeId%3D%26prevNValues%3D100445%2B2031%2B212894
  14. What an incredible project!!! I've had experience of building my own Mame cabinets before and I'm now planning a Hyperpin cabinet. I know nothing about building a pinball project though and I'm researching hard. I;ve already learned some ideas from this thread though and it's taken 3+ hours of carefully reading every page of it! Once question I have right now is the Siemens contactors you used. Which ones exactly (part nos?) did you buy? I noticed you used 8 to begin with and had a softer one for rear bumpers. I'd like to replicate this if possible. However I have read that some contactors are not responsive enough and don't always activate when called upon in very quick use. How did you find these to work? Do they go off correctly when the ball bounces about very quickly within the bumpers etc?
  15. Hello I would also like FTP access please. I'll send an email to BBB also in case it's needed. How do you get access once it's approved? Will a link appear on the site somewhere (I see nothing at the moment, not even a locked link)
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