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  1. Sorry that sounded really negative, was partially joking. Hyperspin has been great for discovering games I never knew about before, it would be awesome if I can work out how to run my PC through My CRT.
  2. Just give up now while you can, Its pretty much a massive waste of time, Ive hardly used Hyperspin apart from actually configuring it and adding artwork etc. It gives you to much overwhelm, There are so many games to play that I don't play any. When I do play retro games I prefer to play on the actual console on a CRT, LCD's suck for retro gaming which kind of makes Hyperspin pointless unless you can hook up your PC to a CRT.
  3. I think you are right on this, Hyperspin would need to pay the artwork creators some royalties or something, but I think an official product would be the only way to stop any old Joe from selling their own setup.
  4. Lol. Just to clarify I don't actually believe Craig is working with Upchurch obviously its a joke. Funny how he is so blatantly ripping him off.
  5. So Craig Anderson is working with Upchurch now? Gives you a shoutout a couple of times in this video. Where did he get the Touhou Project wheels and stuff? not on the FTP.
  6. I managed to quit hyperspin for a day lol, im now adding more systems, there is a good feeling you get when you have a new system set up, its fun finding out about all these obscure systems as well. I can understand why there is a demand for people who want a pre configured set up though, at least to get you started, it does take up a lot of time if you want everything set up properly, but one of the biggest challenges you have is getting your roms to match the database, renaming roms is not fun.
  7. I don't think Upchurch sells his drives with roms on, but I know other people who do, with terabytes and terabytes of roms on lol. I guess its legal to play as long as you have physical copy's of your 1000's of roms right?
  8. This is like me lol, I get ocd about it and want to finish it as quickly as possible, but yeah just need to recognize its my ocd and chill out and take a break every so often. What Gigapig is saying is probably true, getting everything to work is the tricky part, I have never seen them run a game either.
  9. Sorry I was partly joking lol, had lots of late nights configuring hyperspin recently, then saw some guy on youtube selling a drive that had way more systems than mine and felt frustrated. but like you say there probably isn't much point in trying to have every system on the wheel when I will probably only play a select few in any case. Im mainly interested in playing systems that I grew up with so NES and onwards but anything before then doesn't interest me that much, there are so many obscure computer systems out there it would take ages to have them all configured. I already have all the systems from the official and non official xml's set up.
  10. I think this is the kind of thing that needs to be done, it seems like hypersync hasn't been updated for ages, and the official and unofficial xml's haven't been updated either. If you can complain to youtube about the use of your videos and artwork that would be good, it isn't right that other people are profiting off of your work without you getting any compensation yourselves. Chris Upchurch says that the forums are unsupportive but I have received nothing but great support from the forums. The guy retro arcade looks like he has bought one of Chris upchurch's drives and is now reselling it with some added extras, there's nothing to stop someone from copying their drives and then doing the same thing lol.
  11. It takes up all of my free time I hardly ever play any games anymore I feel that I will never finish my setup It is obsessive and not about playing games but hoarding and collecting People selling drives who have better setups than me
  12. There seem to be an ever increasing number of people selling hyperspin on youtube, obviously there is a demand for this type of product. And it would be better to buy a hyperpsin setup that was officially made and was supported by all the artists who make all the themes, wheels etc. So my question is will the hyperspin team ever create a hyperspin product, and or what are they going to do about all the people selling drives currently, I can only see the problem getting worse unless someone takes action to make an official product.
  13. Hi where do I get the Hyperspin RomManager? looks like the site is down.
  14. I have the same problem with Atari ST, the database doesn't match the romset I have and I tried using the rom renamer, but it didn't match any titles at all.
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