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  1. Lmfao! I thought this thread was about my brother from another mother JamesMK fink lol He's the host of the on blast show OBS lol Smfh xD
  2. ahh fuck that lol i dont see it being better at all... the details and colors are way better on the glsl no offence to anyone... everyone gots theyr favorite, ill stick with glsl for now
  3. Looks good... but hard to tell the difference with no side by side comparison. I currently use retropigs glsl settings and am satisfied xD Could you compare the two and put a split image using yours and pigs? One side yours and one his? It be interesting xD
  4. he told me the same too, he said he had candy in his basement and i had to go look for it in the dark... the rest is too much for me to discus here
  5. Tell us about it... am pretty sure all of us here are right there with you lol Except THK, I don't think he does anything around here... he just randomly post some stuff he supposedly did xD
  6. I would go with an Intel chip over the amd... i3 should be good enough.
  7. No problem brother, better to be clear than in doubt
  8. Lol that's how I write... and I never knew that ... where meant as an insult.... cus it is not.At least not by me and or anyone I know... Look at all my posts, I always type like this xD Love you're cab tho, very well done.
  9. Great work on this... By far my favorite type of cab... I like them like I like my women... nice and thin xD Great job brother
  10. I second this... kodi is my to go entertainment place... would love to launch hyperspin from within it.
  11. Amazing work brother. ...love everything about it.... also see you made more than 1.... you selling those other ones? Great job and one of the nicest and cleanest cabs I've seen in a long time. Alex
  12. can someone please direct me as to how to log into the ftp? been away for a while and lost everything... cant find the info anywhere lol thx
  13. awesome work...just make sure you have Kung Lao not Noob on the side art xD jk keep up the good work brother
  14. wow another nice one...loving the shape of it...what was it originally? Thanks.
  15. Thats pretty harsh ..... and i for one use a 32" 1080p LED display and i am very much happy with it....specialy running TTX and newer games for pc and the like. and for normal use the xarcade stick is more than fine, SPECIALLY if you dont have the know how...no need to slam the guy for it at all. Now thats my 50 cents. and to mrxtreme....just do what you please...if you are happy with it then more power to you brother, cus in the end only you matter....build it for you and screw the rest. good job and keep at it
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