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  1. got everything working now with Android 11 and the beta2 with Retroarch. only Dolphin and Redream wont start. In Dolphin there's a message "Invalid Rom or is missing..." I checked everything and it was okay. Which Dolphin Version will be Compatible? And Redream worked n the before's Build. Now it stays black and returns to HS. Something changed to Redream as well?
  2. Didnt expected this fast Thank u so much for that. i'm gonna try this out with the Nvidia Shield and the 9.1 Update. Recently the Standalone Emulators got Updated and almost everything is running back like in 8.2.3 maybe @HyperSeederknows more about the emulator behaviors. i will post my results after testing the next days.
  3. i never give'd up on you! cheers mate, u made my f**** day!! 😍
  4. Also Confirmed so sad i didnt read this before i updatet. hope for a fix
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