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  2. Anyone have any instructions for this? I did the following: 1. Download .zip, extract. 2. Rename my existing SpecialA1.swf and SpecialB1.swf from the "Main Menu" folder and replace with ones in the .zip. 3. Copy relevant lines from "Main Menu.ini" and "Sega Genesis.ini" and replace the text in my copies. I now notice my main menu have an A+B image at the bottom. I assume there must be more to do? I don't understand what the .swf files in the "System Menu" are for or where they go? My Hyperspin setup doesn't have a System Menu? Not sure what to do with all the images in "Artwork Assets" either?
  3. Jeremy it,s a system more elaborate that a simple hinge.It is very robust for all walls. It,s easy to transport and to set up.
  4. I have designed the first virtual pinball totally folding.You can see in this link: http://www.foldingvirtualpinball.com/
  5. Dalememo use this program to do xmls: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3519
  6. Thanks BBB by update. Merry Christmas.
  7. Circo now I have uploaded the videos missing of Sega Saturn to my folder /Upload Here/Akiles/VIDEOS SEGA SATURN MISSING: -Astal (USA) -Bases Loaded '96 - Double Header (USA) -Code R (Japan) -Death Throttle (Japan) -Doraemon - Nobita to Fukkatsu no Hoshi (Japan) -Dungeon Master Nexus (Japan) -Groove On Fight - Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3 (Japan) -Hissatsu! (Japan) -J-League Go Go Goal! (Japan) -NBA Action (USA) -Nekketsu Oyako (Japan) -NHL 97 (USA) -Olympic Soccer (USA) -Saturn Bomberman Fight!! (Japan) -Shienryuu (Japan) -Sol Divide (Japan) -Super Tempo (Japan) -Syutokou Battle '97 (Japan) -True Pinball (USA) Enjoy them!
  8. Circo with the new method that you use now to encode mp4 the final quality it,s now very good before the final quality was bad. and you have reason with low bit-rate vids look good, high bit-rate ones have artifact problems.
  9. Circo I have converted all videos of Sega Genesis to flv.They are all in my folder /Upload Here/Akiles. Today I have uploaded all. Enjoy them!
  10. I'll get back in to town this evening and get on it! Your on a roll!

  11. koolbrez67 is doing a beatiful cabinet.That monitor look likes that has very good resolution.
  12. yo did you get my message of taking some high res photos your mm sideart? i does not show up under my sent messages thanks

  13. Wolfwood what grafic card do you have with 2gb
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