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  1. To all readers and gamers Since Jhabers was on 16.01.2017 in contact with Trend Micro (which operates the blacklist database), the sync with hyperspin and emumovies works well. - You must be a Platinum Member (as several time repeated in this thread and in the offer information site). - Make sure, you working with the latest version of HyperSync Cloud (Version or newer). If not, then download the newest one and before you copy the zipped files to your HyperSync Cloud folder. Clear all files inside it. Only after this step, you can unzip the new version.
  2. For another reason, I have today rebooted my router. Later I tried, if the log in on my platinum account on hyperspin now runs. Again without success. Emumovies works perfectly. New is, that I now got an email from my router that I would not want to keep you from. Event number : 1 Alert type : Malicious Sites Blocking Source : (70:4D:7B:AB:3D:A8) Destination : hsapi.hyperbase-live.com Event number : 2 Alert type : Malicious Sites Blocking Source : (70:4D:7B:AB:3D:A8) Destination : hsapi.hyperbase-live.com Event number : 3 Alert type : Malicious Sites Blocking Source : (70:4D:7B:AB:3D:A8) Destination : hsapi.hyperbase-live.com RT-AC68U's AiProtection detected suspicious networking behavior and prevented your device making a connection to a malicious website (see above and the attached log for details).Suggested actions: 1. If you know that the cause of this attempted connection was a proprietary app or program and not a web browser, we recommand that you uninstall it from your device. 2. Ensure your device is up to time in all its operating system patches as well as updates to all apps or programs. 3. You should take this opportunity to check for, and install, any router firmware updates. 4. If you continue to receive such alerts for similar attempted connections, investigation into the cause will be necessary. Meanwhile, rest assured that AiProtection continues to help keep you safe on the Internet. You also can link to trend micro website to download security trial software for your client device protection. http://www.trendmicro.com/ ASUS AiProtection FAQ: http://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1012070/ After I have tested this protection function turning off, the log in on hyperspin works wonderfully! It seems that the address: hsapi.hyperbase-live.com is blacklisted! Therefore the log in with hypersync no longer worked. I can imagine that others are also affected. Where it still does not work, can you understand my presentation? Can you test this? For me personally it is no solution, to turn this protection off. I hope that we will find a solution for this. thanks wrs_vp.txt
  3. It seems that HS and EM earn a lots with their paid subscriptions. I know the maintenance of the server costs a lot. This does not change anything that all over the years, mostly private Peobles (which mostly also pay) have worked for weeks, to create Hi-Res Artwork and Videos. A few now reap the coal. I find that shit. But fortunately that is only my personal opinion.
  4. Hi agent47 and svennh Thank you to take this up. I'm in contact with giga about them. I saw this hint in the Forum, that the new Version should copied in a empty Folder. But unfortunatly it doesn't work. emumovies Login works well. I hope you can help to update my emumovies Collection. If it helps, TeamViewer is present here. Sorry for my english. bribbon
  5. Hello Everyone I'm also running in to login issues.the message reads: Could not Verify HyperSpin Membership, check your credentials.
  6. bribbon


  7. Wow - echt der Hammer, mein kompliment. Von welchen Cro Server sprecht ihr?
  8. Hallo Chris, erstmal danke für deine Antwort. Ich habe die ganze Sache auf einem Windows 7 Rechner am laufen. Wenn ich HS starte mit den beiden Xbox pads als Player 1 & 2, dann klapt das ganz gut. So nehme ich dann beim Player 1 die Batterien raus und dann erst Verbinde ich das Sony Pad. Das geht soweit. Kann man die Pads nicht priorisieren? Zum Beispiel wenn ich das PS4 pad verbinde, er den Xbox Player 1 rauswirft.
  9. Hallo Hyperspiners Ich habe mir vorletzte Woche ein neues Gamepad angeschaft. Leider gelang es mir bis anhin nicht, dieses korrekt mit Hyperspin und Xpadder zum laufen zu bringen. Die zwei alten Xbox360 Wireless laufen als Player 1 und 2 (je nachdem welchen ich zuerst einschalte) in jedem Emulator tiptop. Nun möchte ich das neue Sony PS4 (Bluetooth) Pad zusätzlich hinbekommen. Die Xpadder Profile hatte ich schnell erstellt uns so stehen zum testen ein paar Systeme mit 2 Spieler zur Verfügung. Hier eine kurze Übersicht, welche Pads ich mit Hyperspin und Xpadder im Einsatz habe(n möchte): - Xbox 360 Wireless Controller 1 - Xbox 360 Wireless Controller 2 - Sony PS4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller (USB & Bluetooth) - Hori Wireless Fightstick 3 Der Hori Fightstick ist eine Geschichte für sich... der läuft ausschliesslich als Spieler 1. In diesem Fall darf keines der anderen Pads verbunden sein. Sonst geht der leider nicht. Gibt es irgendwie eine Möglichkeit, damit ich den Sony Controller bevorzugt auswählen kann? Sprich, wenn die 2 Xbox Pads laufen, ich den Sony als Player 1 nutzen kann? Ein Player 2 profile habe ich ebenfalls erstellt. Ich benutze Hyperspin und Hyperlaunch. Ich bin für jede Antwort froh und hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Das ist richtig kompliziert :unknown: Hori Wireless Fightstick 3.bmp
  10. that seems to be interesting for @Circo from emumovies and @djvj. do you find out which parameter is wrong in the original mp4? it looks like their are "mostly" not encoded to a standard iso-format. maybe that's the point why they are not playable without deactivate hardware acceleration on intel HD-4600 platform. here is a short reminder about this problematic: - the long story - a short story incidentally, never managed to re-encode me a video back from mp4 to flv that works in HS. now I'm curious how your huge work ended
  11. this sounds very interesting! Myself I have this problem and I could well imagine that it was encoded at. You speak about 37 videos that are corrupt. do you have only 37 or more videos on your system? would all your videos be affected?
  12. bribbon

    HyperBase Live

    Thank all involved for the great news! I can only be happy. So when I read here then I wonder if you also revamped the whole "Hyperspin Checker" history. Do you want the audit for completeness directly integrate into the new Hyperbase software? You talk about mobile applications. well, that would be a useful application I can think straight. greets Lurker (?!)
  13. I'm interested in whether there will be widescreen in addition to the standard 4:3 resolution. It would be a great relief to no false warped pictures in the setup to have.
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