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  1. Do you have "Parents Only" ticked in HyperHQ (wheel settings) for that system? I'm not in front on my setup so can't test. I used to have MAME wheel set as "Parents Only" to filter out clones and think I had the same issue trying to add a particular Street Fighter 2 clone I wanted. I recently started playing with Dons Hyperspin Tools to create a custom MAME XML that included parents only, excluded a few genres like Mahjong, Adult, Casino/Reels, etc and manually included a few clones I wanted. Got my MAME list from around 9,000 to 2,800. Still a lot but at least removed a huge chunk of roms I had no interest in.
  2. I'm assuming you're referring to the MAME CHDs at 350GB and not the roms (around 50GB split set)... Unless you are using the CHDs for seeding / upload at PD (which they are great for) it might be worth checking which ones you actually need to keep... Eg. The only CHD game I play is Killer Instinct but I keep the set for seeding. if you buy another HDD, look at 2TB and 3TB sizes... Not sure if same everywhere but here they are way cheaper per GB and save you filling your PC case I'll also be checking out PC game setup soon... Steam sale is on... Just bought pacman DX especially for HS ... Hopefully a big discount on Ultra SF4 is coming :/
  3. Sorry to hijack your thread but I was about to post similar questions... When you click "update database" in HyperSync does this grab the latest "full" XML from Hyperlist and overwrite what you have in your Databases folder? Eg. I've used Dons HS Tools to create a custom XML for MAME (based on 0.160 full XML) so when 0.161 or 0.162 XML is published I would not want to "update database" any more... Just use Dons tools to exclude the same roms? 2nd question... As I previously synced MAME on a full XML (eg. 6000 videos from memory) if I sync now with my custom XML (3000 odd roms) will it delete unneeded files... Or does it only download/replace if files are missing?
  4. I haven't tried setting up my PS3 controllers with my current (new) PC... I was just hoping to get input from HS community members who have already tried various controller options and if Xbox 360 controllers are the way to go, I wanted to make sure I'm buying the right ones. If anyone has a similar setup (Windows 8.1, RocketLauncher, HS 1.4 Beta 015) I would be interested to get feedback on my proposed setup. Thanks
  5. So I'm getting a few systems setup and before I get too far want to make sure I'm using the best emulator for my preferred controllers and need advice on purchase & setup. My aim is to have both my X-Arcade (2 player) and 2 x wireless controllers working. MAME I would like to use my X-Arcade for most MAME games, however I also want to be able to use 2 wireless controllers for some MAME games. CONSOLES All I want is 2 x wireless controllers that are easy to setup (good compatibility) with RetroArch and ideally Project64. I also own a couple of PS3 controllers and years ago played around with a driver "MotionInJoy" or something (worked with straight emus like ZSNES but don't imagine would be HS friendly). I'm open to buying a couple of XBox 360 Wireless controllers (for Windows) as from what I've read they are easier to setup and seem to be RetroArch and HS friendly. It looks like I need 2 x "XBox 360 Wireless Controller (for Windows)"... but I'm finding varying product codes and a wide pricing range... http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-au/p/xbox-360-wireless-controller-for-windows https://ebgames.com.au/pc-153574-Xbox-360-Wireless-Controller-for-Windows-PC http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=951&products_id=16958 The last link is an online retailer I have bought from before (good pricing) and seems too cheap compared to other pages... but says "Includes a wireless receiver". This is $AU (Australia) for reference. Is this what I'm after? I'm looking for advice on controller choice and any software or settings (HS / RetroArch / PJ64, etc) I might need to run both X-Arcade and console controllers for the same system (eg. MAME). I've read older posts about XPadder, not sure if this is still relevant. FYI - I'm running a recent clean install of RocketLauncher, HyperSpin 1.4 Beta 015 and latest versions of RetroArch and Project64 (MAME is still 0.161 until I figure out where 0.162 and MESS fit in). Thanks
  6. Doing a new PC build (first one) and have been testing/learning emu and HS setup on my current laptop (4 year old running windows 7 32 bit). Question - Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8.1 x64? ... Will be running: nestopia, zsnes, project 64, VBA-m, MAME (all I've setup so far) and likely add Dolphin, PCSX2, epsxe (or other PS1 emu). Probably would add emus for Atari 2600 (etc) and maybe Sega cartridge based (not sure if MESS suits Atari and Sega carts, haven't read into as low priority). I would like to go 8.1 but haven't tested anything on this. If anyone running 8 or 8.1 can assure me my systems listed run ok I will go 8.1 (expect new hardware to perform better and would have to upgrade 7 at some point anyway). Cheers EDIT 24/04/14 10pm - SOLVED, found in the FAQs for both Dolphin and PCSX2 recommend Windows 7 x64. Given I have already setup and tested my other systems I want to run (on W7 32 bit) this seems the safe choice. Can always upgrade to W8 later if justified.
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