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  2. I have the Sit-Down pedestal from rec-room masters for over a year now and it is awesome. Just a heads up sub-zero, before I ordered mine I emailed customer service and asked if they have any discounts or checkout codes. They gave me $100 off my order.
  3. I think I'm going to use CSO for my PS2 games. It compresses so much faster then GZ. Does anyone know if it is possible to decompress CSO back to ISO? If so how? Edit: Since it appears MaxCSO can't decompress from CSO to ISO (If anyone knows how to please post!), I found something that can. Was able to do it with CSOMultiCompressor! https://sites.google.com/site/theleecherman/cisomulticompressor Only tested with one game (ATV off-road fury 4) and I was able to play it without any issues after decompressing from CSO to ISO with this
  4. Was going to compress all my PS2 games this weekend to GZ, but I might use CSO instead. Will perform some tests when I get home. Does anyone know if Xebra supports PBP for PS1 games?
  5. I believe this is the latest official Mame database for hyperspin: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7882-mame-hyperbase-database-official/ The database file just has your list of games for that system. If there is a game missing because it was added in newer versions of mame, you can just add it manually to the database file using notepad. You can also generate your own database of your roms. I believe you can do this with Don's Hyperspin tools: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11125-dons-hyperspin-tools-43-beta-significant-rom-renamer/
  6. Was using HyperSync yesterday and saw the news update about HyperBase live being released in the coming weeks. Very much looking forward to it! It looks awesome!
  7. If it is a better quality then the YouTube version, please do!
  8. Thanks for the guys! Was able to get it with clipconverter.cc this morning. Tried looking for it in the FTP, but I can't find anything in there lol
  9. Thanks for the post Austin. Do you know where I can get that out of order video? Looks way better then the default missing video for Hyperspin Do you have it on the FTP? Not sure of the best way to download it from YouTube.
  10. Wow! Thanks alot Avar! These are sweet! Wasn't planning on it, but I might use the randomizer since there are many good ones in here.
  11. I would very much love that! The intro from videogames the movie would make a good Hyperspin intro (starts about 13 seconds in). It would be awesome if someone could edit that.
  12. Anyone know of any cool high quality Hyperspin intros?
  13. If you are looking for a cabinet, RecRoomMasters.com make a decent cab. I have their sit down cabinet and love it. ​ ​As far as Hyperspin drives go, I would stay away. I've seen plenty people online talk about how many problems they have with theirs. Watch Simply Austin's videos on youtube and try making it yourself.
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