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  1. Update, I followed Spawk's link to the ssx.dll and it fixed the issue (for me, at least).
  2. (Forgot to notify myself of replies to the post)
  3. Did we get a solution to this? I had everything working great until this week when I swapped out my old HDD for a SSD. I installed the latest version of Windows 10, and copied over all my folder tree. HyperHQ looks like it's going to launch, but nothing. Hyperspin also won't launch, but if I look in the Task Manager afterwards, it says it's running. I downloaded the latest versions of HS and RL, but no change. Fun times. Is this another Windows 10 update crash?
  4. Old thread I know, but I would suggest adding the Mega Man 2 QSound clone as a parent as well.
    This is the file with all the game title fonts for your MAME wheel.
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