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  1. yoann

    Hyperspin 2 ?

    First of all thank you for answering me, I'm not alone Indeed I also find that hyperspin is great but above all the presentation philosophy that inspired (copied) the other frontends is super nice. However, I would really like there to be a small update to correct the biggest problems. I'm talking of course about the controller but also about the display which could adapt to the size of our screen like 16/9 without having to go through tricks. In addition, finding the right image ratio is very complicated, sometimes even impossible, not to mention that most of the time the resolution of the box art is very low and once on the screen the rendering is sometimes blurred. I compared between bigbox and hyperspin we really see the difference it is unfortunately much less clear. Have a utility called hyperArt for example which would allow as launchbox to manage the media. So yes there is a community tool via excel but it is in 2022. For newcomers, a hyperHQ v2 which would replace rocketlauncher in an intuitive and simplified version. But I have the impression that the brilliant team that created hyperspin has deserted... In short, I keep hope
  2. yoann

    Hyperspin 2 ?

    Do you think it possible that one day a new version of hyperspin will see the light of day? The forum is practically abandoned, only a few die-hards continue to use this front end. I really afraid that it stays abandoned. What do you think ?
  3. hello what update file are you talking about?
  4. J'ai finalement trouvé par moi même
  5. Bonjour, je recherche désespérément une solution partout sur le net pour réussir a fermer complètement certains émulateurs comme celui de la ps3 ou ps2. j'ai essayé différentes solutions comme joytokey mais qui ne ferme que l'iso en encours et non l'émulateur lui meme. existe t'il un moyen pour le faire sans être un expert en biochimie nucléaire ??? Merci.
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