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  1. So short story: We now have an WS2812B Led controller that works with Ledblinky and will drive upto 85 leds, I have tested 14. for the cost of an Arduino Leonardo or clone. around $5 to $10. It took me a few weeks to debug and find out why the code was not working from a hackaday project but i fixed it and updated it. https://hackaday.io/project/174056-ledblinky-controller-ws2812-arduino-usb-spi-update I also ran into something like a ipac clone that i have not tried yet: If link ever stops working look for "KADE arcade input controller " http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=154126.0 The Kade should work with the same micro controller. I used a clone do a amazon search for ATmega32u4. Also an arduino UNO would be a nice add on tool should you need to ever burn a new bootloader. The uno can be programed with an spi programmer so maybe get a cheap clone of the uno too. NOTES: Arduino uno= ATmega328P Arduino Leonardo or pro micro or micro =ATMega32u4
  2. So last update to main list is 12/2/2016. That is page 4 of 7 on my PC. There has been some others games suggested, was it found best to leave them off the list or just lack of updating? Edit: seems the game* after 12/2/2016 was added, it was only one. Shadow Force was talked about, but not added.
  3. I plan to use the standard Japanese arcade layout. https://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/layout/cluster36_s.png I have a horizontal lines across my control panel to line up the prints. If I rotate the print out so the angled box is on my horizontal lines the buttons are comfortable for me, but should I use the extra dots to change placement of buttons because I angled it? What about the joy stick should I use the dot below it? I get the dot to the right of the joy is for using when you remove the left two buttons. Or am I just completely wrong? Any help thanks for your time
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