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  1. Cryofax


  2. Hi! Do you have the "industrial" universal theme available yet? I am looking for a theme that will display the system button controls on the side of the videos. Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon!

  3. So I have a computer in the family room that I stream games to from my more powerful desktop using STEAM's inhome streaming. It works very well. You can stream STEAM games, but also add ANY game to the STEAM library and stream that too (even if not purchased via STEAM or even if not available on STEAM). I'm considering trying to stream Hyperspin to the living room PC. A bit of an Inception setup with emulators within hyperspin within steam streaming to a 2nd PC with steam lol.I just wondered if anyone had tried this and had any luck with it? Either way I'll post my results when I get around to it eventually.
  4. That would work just fine for the stuff you mentioned (except maybe very recent Mame games). Hyperspin itself might be a bit choppy though. Certainly would be a space saver if you're you're building a really compact cabinet. If you're just buying it for the PC spec the $300 being asked is a bit steep, but if you want the compact design and a touch screen it's not a bad deal.
  5. Thought I'd drop my two cents in regarding your poll about why the Kickstarter failed (too lazy to register at your forum sorry). Many who want to play on the original controllers ALSO want to use the original consoles. And conversely many who like to do the whole PC emulation setup (like me) like to get one wireless controller they like (in my case an XBox 360 gamepad) and program everything through that without hassling swapping cables, storing 50 controllers etc. So that makes it an extremely niche (though very cool!) product. But there clearly IS a market for it, but it's just an uphill battle turning over every rock to find those people. I think $150,000 might be much too steep for the audience that exists to crowdfund. You'd really need to buckle down on marketing with more press releases and visiting forums where your audience resides. It's possible you've already exhausted those avenues though. You may have to shoestring it until you build up a bigger following. I wish you all the luck in the world.
  6. I've got multiple setups. One on XP another on Windows 7 Home Premium, and another on Windows Ultimate.
  7. Your second line "I'm looking to run the entire collection of emulators across all platforms" is the telling one. Since that would include Gamecube, Wii, and PS2 emulation, and the system requirements for those are going to exceed what you need for Hyperspin. One step down from that to say, PS1, and Saturn emulation, and you'll hit the ragged edge of what might run the emulators fine but might choke a little on Hyperspin (example Core2Duo, 2.13ghz). A quad core of just about any type will run Hyperspin just fine. To run those cutting edge emulators (GC, Wii, PS2) you'll want a FAST quad core and a good video card. Search these forums this question has been asked and answered like 100 times. Google system requirements for the emulators you want (Dolphin, pcsx2) and see what people say about their performance with various systems.
  8. I noticed people have a lot of different styles for organizing their hyperspin setups. Some put an emphasis on old computers, others on consoles, some on specific console regions, and still others just like everything in one giant melting pot. I'm curious how people like to keep their collections partitioned (if at all) and the reasons for it. Me? I'm a bit OCD probably lol. I have 3 setups, one machine under the TV strictly for North American consoles and all their releases (no handhelds, or hacks). From Generation 2 up through Generation 7 (though no Gamecube or Wii just yet since I have a modded one that works great atm). I keep a second setup for old computers (C-64, Atari 800 etc) that is actually on my PC (where it belongs dammit! lol). And lastly I'm doing an arcade cab that has only arcade games that can be used with the controls I'm implementing (WIP!). I may have to do a fourth one for my Android tablet (not hyperspin obviously) that only does handhelds lol.
  9. Having owned and played the crap out of both, go with the Master System. There is VERY little on the GameGear you can't get a better version of on the Master System. It's not really worth the trouble unless you're an OCD completionist, which it sounds like you are not. It's not at all like the difference between say a GBA and an SNES. The GG is for the most part an inferior subset of the SMS. Nice for a handheld for its time for sure. I loved it, but if this is a TV setup you don't need it if you have SMS IMO. But hey I'm sure someone out there thinks differently!
  10. I love your thinking outside the box and doing something unique, beautiful, and functional. My only concern is ergonomics. I don't think I would enjoy standing up like that and looking straight at a screen. I think staring downward like how a regular arcade cab is set up would feel more natural. But I could be wrong. I am building something similar in that it's a standalone "pedestal" control panel on rollers that will go up against a wall mounted TV, but I plan to mount the TV lower so it's almost touching the top of the panel. So I'm curious how you think it feels to play on since that will impact my TV height mounting choice.
  11. Cryofax

    Xpadder help

    I chose the opposite. I use XPadder's autoprofile and it works flawlessly and is simple to set up. Doing it within XPadder also means it is completely portable if you don't use HyperLaunch. Is there any particular advantage to doing it within HL?
  12. I thought I read somewhere there was a bug where Hyperspin won't play preview videos on Intel integrated graphics. That CPU has the speed to run Hyperspin decently and everything up to about Playstation, but the Intel integrated graphics are garbage and would need some help (a discrete card). Dreamcast might be borderline. Definite no on PS2, Wii, Gamecube and higher Arcade stuff at solid 60fps.
  13. Out of curiosity what is the CPU% usage when you're running PS2 and what settings (res, shaders) are you running?
  14. Even a fast single core would run all those things fine. My older Core2Duo 2.13ghz (Dual Core) runs everything on up to Playstation games just fine with a lowly GeForce 210. So you're good. Once you get into Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii, and newer arcade emulation you're better off with a quad core and a decent video card.
  15. Where did you get that data from? I've seen nothing in my experience selling computers to indicate that Intel is more "stable". Again, a blanket statement to "get Intel" isn't good advice. You build for the job at hand based on your budget. An equivalent Intel chip to what he purchased will be $50 more, + an equivalent discrete video card is going to be another $50 at least. It'll also use more power and require better cooling. Those are all things to consider.
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