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  1. upload to download section of site so this code does not get lost in the jumble.
  2. currently unknown, though I'm not the HL dev, I just help out with it.

  3. Will you be releasing a new hyperlaunch when hyperspin is released?

  4. sorry to take so long getting back to you, I also need to get with chillinwater about the naomi thread. However, I am still interested in trying to help with the emulation setup wizard you talked about. If you need to reach me with a more valid email: monkeymoda@gmail.com

  5. Can we get a hotkey to activate hyperHQ inside of hyperspin? Or do you have something like that in mind already?

  6. Sorry for the tif. BBB informed me of my error. I'm even using some of your stuff. It's great stuff. Later.

  7. will you be submitting your hyperlist program to the downloads section? it works great. also, do you have a more current version?

  8. It doesn't get any simpler than this. Help would be fantastic! Are you familiar with AutoHotKey? It's a Basic programming language. Download the full package for that program and skim over the help file for programming with it. All you need to do is take the Hyperlaunch.ahk text file included with the full Hyperspin download, edit it and compile it into Hyperlaunch.exe. If you are serious, we can go over this in detail and I will get you the file I am working on. The purpose I am following is simply and first: Get every emulator available set up to run using Hyperlaunch so as to make this very user friendly. & second: Enhance programming to change emulator settings on it's own, leaving no setup for new users of Hyperspin. Let me know. I'm on almost daily.

  9. any info on how you are programming hyperlaunch to setup emulators? I might be able to help if I have a handle on what is necessary, but it really depends on the programming level involved.


  10. BadBoyBill is the creator

  11. are you the creator? please help me with my wikipedia page for hyperspin.

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