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  1. well i just love this theme. in fact I wanted something like this for a long time. Yet somehow you went into my brain and saw what I liked and made this beautiful theme. If you're looking for ideals in the left and right corners. I think you should have wires hanging down kinda like they were torn out and maybe have a wire shooting off sparks and slightly swaying left to right. the wires should look like they have components attached to them. the wires also should be different sizes and shapes. your theme is so organized i think a little wire mess can add balance to it but just by itself i love it. please tell me you have a Super Nintendo theme.
  2. good luck finishing it and I hope to see more photo's. I love the artwork. Did you draw it up?
  3. hey could I please get invite to under ground gamer

  4. yeah im still learning about arcades and mame but what the heck is a 160-in-1 cart. is it 160 games in one thing or something
  5. hallo

    you answers of my post, and sorry for my bad english, i mean I Search a Box Art for Master System, Genesis and for Super Nintendo who have the Box art and the Cart Art on it.

    i make a picture in my post maybe you can look there and you know what i search..

    thank you from münchen

  6. lmao well hell if your not coming back can i have your gold membership i broke hahaha cant blame me for asking
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