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  1. Hey StyleMaster, good idea. That's defintely more work though, especially if you're using loads of emulators like I am. That's a safer way though. Maybe that is better.
  2. Hi adamg, thanks for the reply. I installed hyperspin on the C drive on the first computer along with Rocketlauncher back in the day and set up all my systems, themes and RL set up. Recently, I installed a new copy of Hyperspin on the second computer along with all the dependencies. Hyperspin runs on the second computer, but nothing is set up (systems, themes, RL setup). I guess I should just overwrite everything in the Hyperspin folder on the second computer with the files from the first computer, except for the exe files? Maybe this is a good place to start. I ran a virus scan on my Hyperspin folder on the original computer and it came back with no viruses, but I'm just trying to be thorough. I have all my systems and themes and Rocketlauncher set up on the first one and would hate to have to redo it all again on the second computer. I'm looking to do the same thing with Rocketlauncher also. I spent so long setting all that stuff up. Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, Had a question, I have my Hyperspin set up and tuned on one computer. I think now it may have a virus or something and I don't want to have to re-do everything, so I wanted to ask: if I install Hyperspin on a second computer, what files would I need from the original to keep all my settings? Basically, what files/folders do I need to move over to the new install? Hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated.
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