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  1. I think it's solved. I downloaded .dat file from no-intro for Nintendo Entertainment System, then I made some changes. I added this header to the file clrmamepro ( name "Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System" description "Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System" header "No-Intro_NES.xml" version XXXXXXXX comment "no-intro | www.no-intro.org" ) Then with notepad++ I replaced this RegEx string: ^.*<game name=(.*)>\r\n.*<description>(.*)</description>\r\n.*<rom name=(.*) size="(.*)" crc="(.*)" md5="(.*)" sha1="([^"]*)".*/>\r\n.*</game> by this one: \r\ngame \(\r\n\tname \1\r\n\tdescription "\2"\r\n\trom \( name \3 size \4 crc \5 md5 \6 sha1 \7 \)\r\n\) Making look this: Into this: I had to delete the first and last tag <datafile> but I think that's pretty obvious. Now the .dat file can be used by Dons HyperSpin ROM Renamer.exe and probably other programs.
  2. Hi I was using a programa to build a xml database from a dat file, not sure if it was because of the amount of roms but the xml had some mistakes like the end tag. what do you recommend for this task?
  3. Sorry, is it possible to make different rom systems work inside the same category on Android? For example a Street Fighter category with all the roms from different systems I found these pages, the first one is 3 years old and the second one I'm not sure if "Sub-wheel, wheel layout parameters (features not yet implemented) " is the same I'm asking. I apologize for the apologize for the inconvenience
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