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  1. Which one are u using maxxsinner?
  2. That is really the question...
  3. Hello, I am planning to build my own vpin in the next time and I try to gather some informations therefor. What I want to know is the exact messurements of the playfieldglass for a widebody build (thickness, lenght, etc.) Could someone help? Thx in advance... ei8ht
  4. ei8ht

    Introducing Pind: A Pinball Daemon

    For a view table it works...for other there is just the moon symbol but no title of the table...I will check the titles again...maybe it is my fault...
  5. ei8ht

    Introducing Pind: A Pinball Daemon

    Did that...Works great now. I used the xml file which was posted here in this thread with 880 tables. But after the Daemon downloaded 209 media packs it does nothing more. No videos...no missing wheels etc. What could be the problem with this? How should the night mods be named to get detected by the daemon correctly? My current naming is for example ist "Attack from Mars (Night Mod) (Bally 1995)" but its not working.
  6. ei8ht

    Introducing Pind: A Pinball Daemon

    Hi freezy, awsome piece of software your daemon. I just have one problem. It seems that vpforums banns my ip when I start to sync the media because of to many requests. How can I handle this problem? Gruß aus dem Nachbarland....
  7. Nice vp...but bad player skills Just joking...
  8. Wow...I am planning a vp and wanted to go with an AFM theme...but this just went out perfect...Do you sell it?
  9. Wow...looks really nice...Great work!!! I will start my project soon. Can't wait to have my own ;]
  10. ei8ht

    Samsung 46" play field

    I am planing to build a virtualpin as well. Could someone explain why older samsung models should be taken rather than the newer models? @technohat: You are talking about issues. What kind of issues do you mean? ei8ht
  11. ei8ht

    Real DMD's In Pinball Cabs

    OK...I will try to get a replacement... But what I want to know is does anyone has a APD128G0320A-1 which works with the pinDMD2?
  12. ei8ht

    Real DMD's In Pinball Cabs

    I tested the plasma today on a real pinball (black rose). It worked perfectly...
  13. ei8ht

    Real DMD's In Pinball Cabs

    Just let me know if should test it for you...
  14. ei8ht

    Real DMD's In Pinball Cabs

    I try to check it on a real pinball next week and report to you. I hope there is no need to replace it and it works and the problem will be solved with a later firmware...