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  1. I found the problem!!! The names match PRECISELY. But only a few games were giving me issues and I couldn't figure out why.... Then, while browsing through an artwork folder, I noticed something: The PNG images for the problem games were capitalized .PNG. I went through and changed each one to .png, and the problem is fixed!!!
  2. While scrolling through my n64 wheel (this is only happening in the n64 section) logos are missing for a few games. Sometimes if I keep scrolling and come back the logos will appear, but will disappear again if I scroll some more. The boxart for these games is behaving the same way. Sometimes logos/boxart are there, and sometimes not. I tried re-naming everything to see if that would help (ie, Wave Race 64 -> wave race), but I'm still seeing the same behavior. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Thanks!
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