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  1. I see what you're saying now - I assumed all the databases were submitted to the hyperlist web site and not to things like Dropbox. I'm just kinda getting used to the forum and download layouts, and especially the order of procedures with the applications. I'll look over the linked posts and also at Don's. Thanks JoyStickKilla, agent47, 32assassin, and thatman84.
  2. I feel like this is a really dumb question that's down to personal taste but I'm having a difficult time finding a clear answer - or at least a clear enough answer I can understand. So I have the entire .177 MAME Database XML file configured and I have downloaded all the artwork and I also have the entire .177 split arcade ROM set loaded, but now I want to trim the game list down a little bit so as not to have all the variants and clones of all the games. I'd like to keep the ROMs in their current complete state so I don't accidentally run into a missing ROM file problem and randomly deleting ROM zips seems like I would do just that. I think the user database download feature is down or I'd mess around with one of those. So instead of manually editing each and every line of the xml to get rid of the clones, variants, gambling, trivia, mahjong, etc, games, what's the best way to do this? Is there a download of the top 100 or top 500 most popular games with the variants and other games already commented out? I know that the word 'favorite' or 'popular' means a lot of different things to a lot of people so the question on its face may seem a bit silly. Is Don's Tools the answer? I haven't played with it *quite* yet.
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