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  1. So where are you guys obtaining the Hyperspin launcher? From the PlayStore under Android 11, it doesn't launch at all. Is there a new updated APK that launches under Android 11 somewhere? Confused.
  2. I used that package last month, and it was my first experience with HS. Anyway, it almost sounds to me as if you aren't using the 32 bit version of Retroarch. If you are using Retroarch Plus, you will have issues with that collection. Also, that collection was intended to work with the playstore version of hyperspin, so effectively limited to the playstore version of retroarch (32). Have you downloaded the modded apk from this thread?
  3. Yeah, I have more than a few sets of arcade categories under my wheel. One specifically for Mame4Droid as well. Never the less, each arcade category has at least a couple examples of "non compatibility" with the specific emulator no matter what. Luckily for the most part, switching between the Mame wheel and Mame4Droid wheel, I can play most of my arcade/mame games without issue.
  4. Yeah, I hit the reality wall recently in that regard. Some games just simply won't work even with the correct systemname.ini configurations. It is what it is. There is another front end that does allow you to select from a list of emulators at the wheel in case that one rom isn't working on the expected core (allowing a higher chance of functionality), I think that is a real nice touch! But for folks like me, with a HUGE list of roms, it's sorta a guessing game of which emulator will run the selected game EVERY TIME since there is no category based on cores like Hyperspin... But Hyperspin is so dang flashy and attractive that it's a "pick your poison" situation.
  5. Alright, so it was an error on my part. At this point though Creezz67, I do see what you mean about the Nvidia Shield limitations. I figured that arcade games would be mostly smooth experiences, but the later Namco titles seem to struggle. Using Mame4Droid helps a bit, but apparently it will take another couple hardware upgrades/future releases of the Nvidia Shield to handle my entire arcade library. Glad I was able to get it resolved, and thank you for your assistance in this barren wasteland of a forum...:)
  6. Edited Update: I have been able to get most of my systems working, but Namco systems like Namco System 22 don't want to cooperate with mame or mamearcade or mame2010. I assume I haven't tried the "correct" core yet?
  7. Yeah that was a thought, for now though, it's going to be for Steam/indie games and of course PC access. Rather keep Hyperspin on one platform. For me, Hyperspin = my retro games. I don't have any interest in playing xbox games and such, that's not nostalgic for me as I am 42 years old. Figured the mini pc should satisfy my "current game" itch (mostly indie because they are retro inspired), and maybe some SFV online etc. If everything goes right, Nvidia shield will release a couple more generations of it's hardware and I would be already set up while appreciating that those harder to run games would improve
  8. Give me more credit than that... Bruh... 😎 Got a mini pc on it's way to be added to my home theater and Retro gaming setup for more of that horsepower. But was thinking of leaving hyperspin on my Shield as I typically only play up to around ps1/DC/saturn games. Namco racing games would be sick though... Hmmm. Also, I was under the impression that mame2010 was more ideal for mame games as far as Retroarch cores go anyway. So, should I NOT be pushing everything already set to mame, to mame2010?
  9. Totally fine. I will find closure in at least seeing something other than a black screen lol. I just figure things will improve with performance as Nvidia Shield progressively gets more powerful with each new generation. Will try again with mame. I have many more systems to get through yet
  10. I have yet to confirm it works for Namco system 22 etc, seem to have some issues there. I have the side loaded Retroarch_32 version (current) and haven't been able to get it to work with either mame or mame2010. But yeah, I'll make changes to the above posts.
  11. Update. Thankfully your method still works. Just took a bit more knowledge of how to do the editing of ini files. Still going strong in 2021!
  12. So... I am late to the party. I have recently found out the hard way that Hyperspin has issues (the playstore version). For the last few weeks, this has been very frustrating to say the least, and the information out there for fixes regarding "Hyperspin/Android" issues is minimal as you all know. In a nut shell, I have a 2019 shield pro with adopted internal storage using an ssd. Roms and media etc are located on my external hdd (same old story blah blah). I found a thread that's dated a year or so prior to this one regarding a modified apk that works with Retroarch_32. I have tried Retroarch_32 with the playstore Hyperspin. Obviously that didnt work out (like I said, "late to the party"). So are you saying that this Hyperspin apk that you have modded will work with Retroarch (32 bit playstore version) as well as the side loaded Retroarch_32? I ask this as I am about to attempt to download this Hyperspin version and try it with the playstore version of Retroarch and then the _32 bit version. I have deffinately tried most everything else without editing any ini files etc. With an old version of Retroarch 1.7.7?...most of my games worked. The exception seems to be some of which most likely use the "mame" core as "MAME_current" or whatever mame core it's looking for was resulting in a black screen when the game was launched via the Hyperspin wheel (again playstore version of Hyperspin). So I guess I am asking if I will need to edit files etc with this option as they were presented in that other thread? Edit: After more messing around, I have been trying to find the place within my Nvidia Shield storage to edit/add the following as per the original post in this thread. Sooo...where the heck is this? Can't find it anywhere within my File explorer app... exe=com.retroarch.ra32/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture
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