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  1. 2 hours ago, Torden said:

    Look again, the first couple of red letters are different. I did the same as you did at first, and then I noticed that only the last red letters are the same.

    Yes it reads Waku Puyo in red in the PS, I overlooked that and Puyo Puyo in the Sat version, you can extract the colored "Dungeon" from the higher res from above and put it in place of the one you posted, so it will result in a better logo overall.

    As for segaretro.org content, you have HD scans for magz, articles, covers, discs, carts, pictures of consoles etc, if a community dedicated to Sony and Nintendo do something similar, that would be great too.

  2. Yeah, it doesn't even seem to have the "Waku Waku" thingy in the main cover and the game is called Waku Puyo Dungeon: Katteiban in this version, the logo above is from the Saturn version, while Katteiban is like an updated, that's where the "Expert" from the spine comes from


    The older logo I had even had those bricks and ornaments, it's too much so I decided cutting the letters/characters only

    Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon (4M) ROM - Saturn Download - Emulator Games

    I'm attaching an even simpler one without the "Waku Waku" wording, the problem with PSX scans compared to Sega's, is that they're really low quality, it's funny if you think about it, Sega.org is such a reference in quality, while Sony is huge in the market, somehow it doesn't seem to attract much inspired people to preserve its legacy. Sadly, so far I haven't visited a website in the same veins for Nintendo as well, I really hope that changes in the future.

    All in all, the simple "Katteiban" stamp is but a minor detail, otherwise the logo is pretty much the same.



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