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  1. Conrad


  2. Conrad

    Xpadder & Hyperspin

    I will have to give it a whirl. I didn't think of that. Thank you for your insight
  3. Conrad

    Xpadder & Hyperspin

    Any ideas from the experienced? I would really appreciate to get rid of this frustration
  4. Conrad

    Xpadder & Hyperspin

    Hello, So since I cannot get hyperspin to realize my Ultimarc u360 controllers are running and able I resorted to using Xpadder. Now the funny thing is it is screwing up my fusion for sega. I used to have it work properly but switched my u360 sticks to be the buttons(Wire harness to the joystick instead of IPAC). I did this in hope for gamepad buttons for future games and it resolved some issues I was having with lowering game screens on button combos. So I have xpadder loaded but now it screws with my sega/fushion emulator loaded. How do I get this to close or shut off if I enter a game? I think there is a way for this. Thanks Conrad
  5. Thank you, I will have to look at this utility. It just boggles me as none of the joysticks or trackball, spinner get thrown off. So why is this? I bought a large usb hub so I wasn't unplugging anything. So that's why I figured well plug the guns in first. Nothing else cares when the cab is shut off. Just these guns do something strange. I'm going to see about trying to label it in windows specifically so it doesn't do this as something changes when it restarts
  6. Hello All I have had Hyperspin since May now and enjoying it very much. One of my main issues I'm having are with my Aimtrak Guns that keep changing usb ports or something when it resets. So I go in mame and set them up. They work great and than when I go to shut down the computer or reset it they change on me. So Guns 1 and 2 are now Guns 3 and 4 in mame when I set them back up. Every single time I turn on the cab they change. What gives? How do I stop this from happening? I'm using Windows 7 if that matters. I have tried plugging the guns directly into the back of the custom tower I have built instead of the USB hub I'm using with no luck. Any ideas on how to stop this as its very annoying! I do have many things plugged in via USB such as the trackball, the spinner, the 4 ultrastik 360s and I-pac. Thank you in advance Conrad
  7. Conrad

    VP in HYPERSPIN Guidance

    Hi Everyone, So I am new to all of this as of about a month ago. Before that I never had hyperspin or my arcade I have now. So cheers to that and the great work everyone on here has put on here to give us such a great experience. Now I would like to get VP working in Hyperspin. I have followed the installation guides on VP and the program works with the few tables I started with on their VP9 latest software. How do I get it going through Hyperspin? I haven't seen anyone really posting any artwork or a how to guide on this. Seems like just about everything else is talked about. So can anyone show me where I can start? Is there some XML's and files I haven't found somewhere or do I start from scratch? The search function hasn't helped me much in this area. Experts please guide me Thanks, Conrad
  8. Conrad

    Remap i-pac buttons to not use "L.ALT" key? Possible?

    I haven't had an issue with using this key. The other option is to switch it over to a open spot on the ipac board. I ended up doing that for pinball as one or two keys wouldn't work in the software when using buttons 7-8.
  9. Conrad

    360 emulation and hello from a new user =)

    I don't know the site looks pretty legit with a video on it. Curious myself if anyone's tried it. I probably will try it at some point in the future if its real
  10. Conrad

    HyperSteve- A HyperSpin Show!

    Gotta love it. Keepem coming, too funny!
  11. Conrad

    U360 stick mapping w/newer mame emulators etc

    I will look further into it today again. I think I may have had it in analog mode at one point, but than also tried 4way to see if it adjusted that at all. I got LED Blinky going for automapping and that seems to work flawless now. I appreciate your help
  12. Conrad

    U360 stick mapping w/newer mame emulators etc

    Hi Monk, So I did kind of get it to work without game xpadder. I did what you said and got it plugged in first. Than it started kind of working. It would do similar to what Sneetch was having issues with. It would move, than sometimes not move and than sometimes it would keep scrolling. So after looking everything over I kind of gave up on it. Ever experience that? I'm now trying to work with setting LED blinky up.
  13. Conrad

    U360 stick mapping w/newer mame emulators etc

    I'm going to play with the usb ports tonight to see if that fixes any issues. So are you setting in ultra Map to 4 way and than they are changing from that mode to others with led blinky ' mapping is what it sounds like? My joysticks are running via USB as the ipac 4 I have is o An older one and was free. So I'm just using that for button functions. So I'm guessing sneetch that yours are running totally different being ran thru an ipac Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
  14. Conrad

    U360 stick mapping w/newer mame emulators etc

    Also to note. When I went into the ultimarc ultramap and set it to 4 way for pacman there was a huge difference of it being the great stick I wanted it to be
  15. Conrad

    U360 stick mapping w/newer mame emulators etc

    Someone finally possibly to the rescue Before I tried xpadder I was trying to get it working in HyperHQ with no luck. Now with your advice I made sure it was checked in hyperhq which it was. Than I went to printers and devices and found all 4 of my joysticks in there marked Ultimarc Ultra-Stik Player 1, than player 2-4 etc named the same. Than I already have ultimarc ultramap installed and all the joysticks appear to be working in there when I move them, calibrate etc. Than when going into Hyperspin nothing will work. I tried going to set the device in hyperHQ and it sets player 1 stik to set ID 0. I tried all four of my joysticks individually and it sets them in HyperHQ but nothing will work once in hyperspin. They do however work just fine in mame or any other emulator. Any ideas? I also removed xpadder to try this all.