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  1. Hey guys, sorry for not answering, i didn't get any notification about this thread. I packed every folder from bandits no clutter collection inside a zip (of course except for the roms and media). I use exactly these emulators from the emulator folder, and everything works besides mupen and ppsspp. Dolphin works as standalone, i'm not using the retroarch core. I'm completely new to the emulation world so i'm not a good helper at all, sorry -> Hyperspin_files
  2. Yaba Sanshiro works for me. I use the bandits no clutter collection on my Nvidia shield. For me everything works so far (retroarch, dolphin, Yaba Sanshiro) besides of Mupen64 (hyperspin gives me the error mentioned a few posts earlier) and when I try to open a PSP game, all it does is open PPSSPP. Great job so far @reznnate, looking forward to show my daughter, which will be born in October, my childhood (when she is capable of holding a controller of course :D)
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