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  2. 1,211 downloads

    This is used to help edit HyperSpin XML Databases. What's New in Version Beta 10a (See full changelog) •Fixed issue when deciding not to open an XML file.
  3. Hehe I disagree I think learning C# is far easier. Lots of good books, video tutorials both free and commercial, far more code samples. Far as GX...if I recalled it allowed several pre & post Emu lunch entries...course it's been a while...mostly it was for command line entries, with macro/alias substitution ([ROM] [ROMNAME] [ROMEXT] ...). However I don't recall it having any condition management (WaitUntilExist, WaitUntilClosed, Sleep, ...) granted that could all be done to some degree with other command line tools, just need to add another entry.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?b95c4sxckcgqpay Okay created a XML for HyperSpin based off the first post in this thread only...other suggestions weren't accounted for. I updated short names where possible to Mame 0.146u4. Notes: aceattack wasn't found...not sure if it's used in a custom build of Mame or not. ikari3nr has since been renamed to ikari3 which makes it the Parent now...and the prior parent a clone, but is still included in the XML.
  5. hmm you got me a little lost here...GUI or not, it'll still launch the games via command line.

    It should work no better or worse.

    The non-GUI builds are just smaller...don't work better or worse.

  6. Hey Kodiak,

    Thanks for that but I was actually looking for the normal MAME version from http://mamedev.org/ as that works best in cabs as we dont need a gui for it.

    I cant seem to find a copy of the nonag/hiscore/cave version of that.

    If you happen to have a copy or link to the 64 and 32bit version that would be cool.

    thanks a million

  7. This is probably because of UPX compression being used on the resulting executable...try compiling the script without compression and see if you get a false positive then. The same bullshit happens with AutoIt...however I thought all this crap was sorted out 5 years ago...my best guess is that they hired a new dumbass who didn't confer with the old dogs.
  8. Good to hear...look forward to the post. :)

  9. Good to hear...look forward to the post. :)

  10. I'm still working it, but my take generally is that CmpMAMEpro is the most versatile and capable tool for these jobs, but the learning curve is steeper. Of course, it's worth it -- but it does take a little time. I have not forgotten to post a general impression of the tools, but have to clear out some cobwebs first.

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