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  1. I've been following this build since it started and have been one of the many quiet hoverers round here for many years. I REALLY enjoy your work Chris and the help you've provided me to understand many things. I've still got a lot to figure out. My biggest hurdle has been with the availability if certain products and how they relate here in the US. Regardless..... on to my question. I FINally have my brand spanking new 32 and 46 in the boxes today and was going to start chopping wood. The one dimension I haven't come across or read how you figured was from the front of the pinball table to where it meets the bottom of the playfield. This would be the section where the lockdown bar goes across. How did you figure how far back to make your cut in the side for the playfield to lay? I have the mechanism already if that's of any interest. I was going to wait until I had final dimensions to order my custom bar. Can you help with that measurement? Thank you! Edit: I'm dumb. I see now after looking at the pictures from way back when (instead of my dimensions) that you started the cut from the TOP at the length of the uncovered lcd towards the bottom. Duh. Not sure why I didn't see that before. Sorry for my silly question. Again, thank you for your wealth of knowledge!
  2. Personally Rawd I think that this and any other cab-tuts should have their own file on the ftp. This is great information that you took the time to put together and can only help those of us starting out. I've been over your files MANY times in the last couple weeks and they've been very useful. Thanks again and to the powers that be......ftp it! (AND sticky it!)
  3. It's like you're reading my mind. Where did you come up with the William's bezel? Like it. I've got parts ordered. Looking forward to getting some of them next week. EDIT Bah! Disregard my stupidness plz. I keep forgetting that you're fitting to an existing cab. I don't have that luxury, but I sure am enjoying your post!
  4. Love that backglass monitor! I wanted to fill up as much of the backbox as I could and that looks great!
  5. THANK YOU! Downloading now, I'll take a look and offer some feedback, but again THANK you. Any info is good info. EDIT: This needs stickied immediately in my opinion! Answers alot of questions, how tos and where tos. What a GREAT resource for those of us getting started! I commend you and thank you very much! I'll be getting use out of these!
  6. I would also like to be set up with FTP access please :)

  7. Thanks for the link on MM and after doing some research I finally have it set up on a triple screen! I'm in heaven! Thanks again. Your cabinet is coming along beautifully! Thanks for the updates!
  8. MORE details please!!!! I'm currently setting up a very similar system and have been looking for someone that had the same idea. I'll be using a little smaller playfield at 42, but.... My first remedial question is WHERE did you find Fullscreen versions of Medieval Madness? I've looked everywhere and all I can find is 4:3 tables from VP9 and the like. VP.org doesn't have FS or 16-9 tables for it. Please enlighten me!!!
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