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  1. Here is some pictures of a cool pedestal with the walking dead theme.
  2. It was one of our Kits. Here is the link for them if anyone is interested. http://www.monsterarcades.com/#!product/prd1/896107834/pedestal-arcade-kit
  3. I was not going to use a coin door. I fugured the art would look better. Cheaper too.
  4. I normally post pics after the machine is completely built. But I love the theme of this so much I thought I would go ahead and share. It is a Justice League themed arcade. It will be a quad player wide body arcade with a 42 inch screen. Each player is assigned to a character of the Justice League. And each character will have their own color controls with LED buttons. I should start the build in the next week or so. Will have some finished pictures in about a month.
  5. Zenpoint That is awesome. I love the theme. When do you think you will have it finished?
  6. I thought I saw a post where you had the R2D2 theme? That would have been a cool theme for this one if I wrapped it. Would like to see that post if you can point me in the right direction.
  7. I have always wanted to build a Jukebox. The problem was I did not want to sink a ton of money in a touch screen that was tiny 15 to 19 inch. Finally the larger screens have come down to a reasonable price (kind of) So I designed the cab with a 24 inch touchscreen in mind. I racked my brain for a while figuring out how I would like for it to look and what kind of components I wanted to use. So to solid works I went. After a few days I had all of my CAD files. After I had all of my panels and pieces cut I did the assembly. Then I had to decide whether to design a graphic wrap for the fronts and sides, or go with a stain and lacquer finish. Finally I went with the stain an lacquer finish. It would have been easier to wrap it with a graphic, But I love the smooth glass like finish (6 coats of lacquer, and 2 million dead brain cells later). I also wanted the cabinet to have environmental lighting that would react to the music. So I used a Flex RGB LED audio strip behind the front plate of the machine. I milled out a recessed area so it would not stand out when people would be looking at the cab. You really have to get behind the machine to see them, but puts off a amazing light show on the wall behind the Jukebox that is controlled by the music/sound. I also knew I wanted the sound system to really kick ass. I bounced around the idea of PC speakers but really the only two I would even consider was the Logitech Z-906, and the corsair sp2500. So I ditched the PC speakers and Jumped over to Car Audio conversion. I wanted to go with a name that had both good home and car audio. So I went with Polk Audio for the whole setup. I used 4X 6.5" DB6501 speakers at 100 Watts RMS each. Then used a 12" DB1240DVC at 360 Watts RMS to the Sub in a sealed box. For the amplifier I used a 5 channel Polk Audio PAD5000.5 series amp with a dedicated 100 amp DC power supply to the amp. It sounds incredible. I have a set of the Z906 on my race simulator, they have nothing close to the power of this setup. I am really glad I went this route. For the function and gaming I put a wireless Xbox 360 PC adapter inside the cab along with a few wireless controllers and a wireless guitar for all of the Guitar Hero games. Put the real fun is in the touchscreen games like Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies. A coin acceptor is also on the front of the cab. I think it adds a little flavor to the unit. Besides the arcade front-end, I also loaded Zenpoint Jukebox software. It will allow you not only to use it as a traditional MP3 Jukebox, but you can also use it for Video Jukebox, Karaoke Jukebox, and gaming. There is also a set of wireless Karaoke mics for the cab. This was the most fun I have had in a while building, but was also time consuming to say the least.
  8. Here is a Superman cocktail cab I just finished. It was based off the old comics. To bad the new Superman was a let down. I would have done it on the new movie.
  9. I machined the stand from 1/8 inch square tubular steel. Then welded it together and had it powder coated. And all of the wires are inside of the frame (HDMI, Power, USB).
  10. I have a few CAD versions depending on how the screen is going to be mounted. This one is for a flush mount screen. If we were laying the screen down we would have kept it the full length of a standard cab. I have built both, and in my opinion I like the look of a flush mount screen. The recessed screens in my opinion have more of a glare problem when in certain lighting environments. Just my opinion, And we all know what opinions are like.
  11. Here is a Pinball Hero themed cab I just finished. It features a 42 inch LED playfield, a 27 inch LED Back monitor, and a Xpin DMD. I sent all of the legs/rails/lockdown bar/and bolts off to be powder coated fireball red. This was a blast to build!
  12. Both are for sale, we will also be offing these in kits. The kit would include the following: * 2 Player Control Panel (Made from cabinet grade birch paintable, stainable, or apply graphic overlay) * Xin MO USB encoder with full wiring Harness and USB Cable * 2X Zippyy Joysticks (Pick your color) * 22X HAPP Buttons (Pick your color) LED Buttons are available as an option * T-Molding (8 Feet Pick Your Color) * 4X PCB Standoffs for encoder Kits are $149 plus shipping PM me if you are interested.
  13. I built them both to try something new. I am not using them and would sell either one of them. Let me know if you are interested.
  14. I thought it would be cool to build a 2 player control panel that could be used for PS3 or PC. So I thought I would give it a go. It has 8 buttons per player mainly for PS3 titles. The Xin Mo encoders work great for this application. And the size is 24X11 1/2 so it is very easy to move.
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