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  1. Here is some pictures of a cool pedestal with the walking dead theme.
  2. It was one of our Kits. Here is the link for them if anyone is interested. http://www.monsterarcades.com/#!product/prd1/896107834/pedestal-arcade-kit
  3. I was not going to use a coin door. I fugured the art would look better. Cheaper too.
  4. I normally post pics after the machine is completely built. But I love the theme of this so much I thought I would go ahead and share. It is a Justice League themed arcade. It will be a quad player wide body arcade with a 42 inch screen. Each player is assigned to a character of the Justice League. And each character will have their own color controls with LED buttons. I should start the build in the next week or so. Will have some finished pictures in about a month.
  5. Zenpoint That is awesome. I love the theme. When do you think you will have it finished?
  6. I thought I saw a post where you had the R2D2 theme? That would have been a cool theme for this one if I wrapped it. Would like to see that post if you can point me in the right direction.
  7. I have always wanted to build a Jukebox. The problem was I did not want to sink a ton of money in a touch screen that was tiny 15 to 19 inch. Finally the larger screens have come down to a reasonable price (kind of) So I designed the cab with a 24 inch touchscreen in mind. I racked my brain for a while figuring out how I would like for it to look and what kind of components I wanted to use. So to solid works I went. After a few days I had all of my CAD files. After I had all of my panels and pieces cut I did the assembly. Then I had to decide whether to design a graphic wrap for the fronts and sides, or go with a stain and lacquer finish. Finally I went with the stain an lacquer finish. It would have been easier to wrap it with a graphic, But I love the smooth glass like finish (6 coats of lacquer, and 2 million dead brain cells later). I also wanted the cabinet to have environmental lighting that would react to the music. So I used a Flex RGB LED audio strip behind the front plate of the machine. I milled out a recessed area so it would not stand out when people would be looking at the cab. You really have to get behind the machine to see them, but puts off a amazing light show on the wall behind the Jukebox that is controlled by the music/sound. I also knew I wanted the sound system to really kick ass. I bounced around the idea of PC speakers but really the only two I would even consider was the Logitech Z-906, and the corsair sp2500. So I ditched the PC speakers and Jumped over to Car Audio conversion. I wanted to go with a name that had both good home and car audio. So I went with Polk Audio for the whole setup. I used 4X 6.5" DB6501 speakers at 100 Watts RMS each. Then used a 12" DB1240DVC at 360 Watts RMS to the Sub in a sealed box. For the amplifier I used a 5 channel Polk Audio PAD5000.5 series amp with a dedicated 100 amp DC power supply to the amp. It sounds incredible. I have a set of the Z906 on my race simulator, they have nothing close to the power of this setup. I am really glad I went this route. For the function and gaming I put a wireless Xbox 360 PC adapter inside the cab along with a few wireless controllers and a wireless guitar for all of the Guitar Hero games. Put the real fun is in the touchscreen games like Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies. A coin acceptor is also on the front of the cab. I think it adds a little flavor to the unit. Besides the arcade front-end, I also loaded Zenpoint Jukebox software. It will allow you not only to use it as a traditional MP3 Jukebox, but you can also use it for Video Jukebox, Karaoke Jukebox, and gaming. There is also a set of wireless Karaoke mics for the cab. This was the most fun I have had in a while building, but was also time consuming to say the least.
  8. Here is a Superman cocktail cab I just finished. It was based off the old comics. To bad the new Superman was a let down. I would have done it on the new movie.
  9. I machined the stand from 1/8 inch square tubular steel. Then welded it together and had it powder coated. And all of the wires are inside of the frame (HDMI, Power, USB).
  10. I have a few CAD versions depending on how the screen is going to be mounted. This one is for a flush mount screen. If we were laying the screen down we would have kept it the full length of a standard cab. I have built both, and in my opinion I like the look of a flush mount screen. The recessed screens in my opinion have more of a glare problem when in certain lighting environments. Just my opinion, And we all know what opinions are like.
  11. Here is a Pinball Hero themed cab I just finished. It features a 42 inch LED playfield, a 27 inch LED Back monitor, and a Xpin DMD. I sent all of the legs/rails/lockdown bar/and bolts off to be powder coated fireball red. This was a blast to build!
  12. Both are for sale, we will also be offing these in kits. The kit would include the following: * 2 Player Control Panel (Made from cabinet grade birch paintable, stainable, or apply graphic overlay) * Xin MO USB encoder with full wiring Harness and USB Cable * 2X Zippyy Joysticks (Pick your color) * 22X HAPP Buttons (Pick your color) LED Buttons are available as an option * T-Molding (8 Feet Pick Your Color) * 4X PCB Standoffs for encoder Kits are $149 plus shipping PM me if you are interested.
  13. I built them both to try something new. I am not using them and would sell either one of them. Let me know if you are interested.
  14. I thought it would be cool to build a 2 player control panel that could be used for PS3 or PC. So I thought I would give it a go. It has 8 buttons per player mainly for PS3 titles. The Xin Mo encoders work great for this application. And the size is 24X11 1/2 so it is very easy to move.
  15. Here is a good place to find High Res Images http://www.moviepicturedb.com/ It is quite comfortable, I don't think I would go above a 42 inch in a cab. We have done a 65 inch on a pedestal, but the screen is further back. I also have a Pincab theme for the avengers I wanted to build.
  16. I would put a TAB/Config button in the mix. Great for adjusting your ROMS. A Pause button is also nice to have.
  17. Here are a few pics of a Avengers Cocktail Table with the same theme.
  18. I just got the Shield / Spinner Dial back from the air brush artist. Here is a peak at the spinner next to a regular one.
  19. Here is a place to get some unique laminates, I have used their Carbon Fiber for a few builds and it looks great! They also have a ton of other laminates. http://www.outwatercatalogs.com/lg_display.cfm/catalog/Master_2012/page/675
  20. Thanks, I also like the way the quad is not over powering to the cab. Thanks, cabinet themes are my favorite part of the build.
  21. Cool! Do you have a art theme in mind?
  22. Here is a look at my Christmas gift to myself. It is a widebody arcade, we used a 42 inch LED, and a quad panel. It also has PacDrive's for the LED buttons. I have a airbrush artist who is taking the silver spinner dial and putting Captain America's shield onto it. I will have it back next week and will post the pictures of the shield.
  23. Thanks, we saw a few other pedestals and based the general design off of them with some changes. Pablo Picasso said, "Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal". All of the wires are inside of the tubing (Power, HDMI, & USB) .
  24. Just a quick update, here is a quad version of the cabinet.
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