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  1. Me too, the ever so slight CRT style 'vignetting' at the corners looks AWESOME! It's all about the nostalgia and 'feels' I simply can't get HLSL to work - MAME craps out every time, complaining about Direct3D and creation of windows. I've installed DirectX9c (running Windows 10), but it makes no difference! GLSL looks awesome, however, and I'm more than happy with CRT Geom HQ - looks fantastic!!! Cheers Craig
  2. Giga, I've literally only just realised that I've been watching your vids on YouTube - what a dunce, lol! Fantastic stuff mate!!
  3. Ok, understood, but, as I suggested, I haven't actually copied the vertical and horizontal .ini files and things 'just work' - 1942 looked perfect with vertical scanlines 'without' me using those specific .ini's and ONLY referencing "CRT Geom HQ" So, again, what is the point of the individual .ini's if vertical games are automatically re-orineted with scanlines flowing the correct way? I haven't tried this on other vertical games, mind you... so perhaps things are different on other games
  4. Hi Giga, Tried your GLSL files and they are perfect!!! I literally just replaced my GLSL folder with yours and everything just works. Tried the following games: Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Track & Field, 1942, Shadow Warriors. All games look fantastic with ever so slightly rounded corners. Even 1942 (vertical) looks superb.. I can only assume that MAME just rotates the scanlines vertically. This is without me actually copying the vertical and horizontal .ini files (I'm calling the shaders from my main MAME.ini in the root of my MAME install folder). If MAME auto rotates and the scanlines just work on vertical and horizontal games, what is the point of the individual .ini files ? Thanks guys ras
  5. Also, I forgot to ask - Do the GLSL shaders work for the majority of horiz/vert games or do we need to make lots of different versions of the shaders, based on specific game resolutions etc? Thanks again guys ras
  6. Hi mate, Sorry, I did see that but hadn't gotten around to reading it yet; will do so now. I'm gonna back up my MAME folder then drop Giga's GLSL and ini's in and see how things look first..... then I'll move onto tweaking the shaders if required. Does MAME know when a vertical/horizontal game is loaded and automatically use the correct .ini corresponding to the screen orientation? Cheers Craig
  7. Hi Giga, that's brilliant! I'll get this tried out over the weekend (unfortunately, I'm working late tonight so won't be at home to test). I already have "CRT Geom HQ" configured at the moment, but the shader isn't displaying the 'rounded corners' you posted earlier in your screenshot. I suspect that, at some stage, you've edited the shader file directly to get that CRT 'look'. I'll back up my MAME folder and replace my GLSL folder with yours, updating the .ini files as you've instructed. Really appreciate all your help, mate ras
  8. Hey giga, thanks again for the files. I'm using MAME64 - how do I tell MAME to reference the correct shader to ensure the right one is used for both Horizontal and Vertical games? Does this happen automatically or do I need to configure on a 'per game' basis? Finally, exactly which Shaders do you have selected in your MAME.ini to get the round corners etc? I only have one referenced in my .ini, but I see that you can apply multiple filters at once? Thank you once more Craig
  9. Hi again mate, thank you SO much for sharing - I really appreciate it I'll try these out
  10. Thanks mate, do you mind posting your GLSL folder and also your MAME.ini that references the shaders you have enabled? Your screenshot looks FANTASTIC and if I can get mine looking that way I'll be a very happy chappie Cheers dude P.S: What's BGFX?
  11. Thanks a lot, guys. Changing the settings in the shader files themselves makes sense! Gigapig, yours looks AMAZING!! Can you share your settings?
  12. managed to post below - temporary link
  13. How can I share an image here.. I see no 'attachment' option? Only My Media and I can't work out how to add Media
  14. Hi guys, Sorry to drag up an old thread.I have had a load of issues getting HLSL so I decided to give GLSL a go. I've successfully enabled the Geom HQ shader and it looks fab on the few games I've tested it on. I'm not, however, seeing any rounded corners etc. I've only applied the shader by editing a single line in the MAME.ini (video opengl / and also referencing the Geom HQ shader). It looks like you can reference multiple shaders in the .ini... so, should I be applying some other effects here to get the rounded screen/corners/bloom/other effects etc? Cheers guys - appreciate it ras
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