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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. Yes its still happening... Just waiting on some parts to show up. One of our members that was contributing a major part had real life issues, thus we had to wait on it to show. great things are built with time. H4CK3R
  2. Jack, i know what its like to runa business, and most of your builds are top notch.. But communication is the key, and I know your a busy man, but even a mass email.. saying ---- shit hit fan personally... be back in 1 to 2 weeks... would of been just fine. Last thing we want to see is another David Foley aka Nanotech. anyways that just IMHO wish your the best of luck and success... But For dear god, get rid of your first name Jack... lol H4CK3R
  3. Mameman is waiting for some parts to arrive. If you haven't yet sent the parts , Please get hold of Mameman for his address to send it too, and or ask me and Ill give it to you. This is very much alive =) H4CK3R
  4. pm Russ, Don't buy the DMD from Pinball Life... Doesn't work with 12 Volt or 5 Volt.
  5. LOL... OK guys, I have received so far 2 paypal donations for UW, but I cant place a user name to a real name, please PM me with how much you donated so I can place you in the honors. =) H4CK3r
  6. You can Paypal the Money to me stated as Gift for Uncle Willy, this will go twoards extra stuff needed and shipping to him. Sincityelectric@yahoo.com H4CK3R
  7. OK... here is what Ill do, Ill make a list of things needed and post on the first thread who's donating what. Everything will be sent to Mameman to put together, and any cash that is donated will go for shipping costs to him, and extra cash will go towards missing parts. Please PM me, and Ill give you the address of where things need to be sent. Ill update the first post daily. As for others that are deserving of something like this, This might be the first time we have done this, But it wont be the last. H4CK3R
  8. So far a few of us decided it was time to give alittle back to those that have given so much to us. Mameman has offered the wood work and time to create a cab, P1 has Donated the screens, I have donated the PC, and art work. We need the legs, Ledwiz, shaker motor, contactors, glass, lock down bar, and I'm sure alot more to complete this. This is purely a gift to a person that has donated his time, and life to a hobby we all enjoy. I am asking anyone that can to please donate in anyway to this. Please take a minute to think about this and donate if you can. If you can not, then post here showing your support. We will be doing this in the future to any member that has dedicated themselves to the community. Please PM me if you have the desire to help. Please no drama, this is just a thank you thread. Treated otherwise will be deleted. I for one, want to thank Uncle Willy for all is hard work, and talent that has brought countless hours of smiles, and entertainment to my life. H4CK3R Charles S. Uncle Willy already has a PC, DMD, Dongle, DIY Kit. H4CK3R Art design and Printed Player1 46 Inch playfeild Monitor Mameman Cab work, wood, Topper Noah Legs, Coin Door Deegor Video Card Ebarlow99 Wires Sacredgaming Ledwiz and 5 3 watt LEDS OldSkoolGamer Button pakage Wolfsoft Shaker Motor, Duel Bridge, and Extra LEDwiz. Im sure they will fry at least one =p gixxer61108 $40 paypal mistermixer $25.00 Boogies2 $40.00 Darkfall $100.00 For those Donating CASH, Please paypal my account, and Ill let Dazz has access to it to make sure funds are going where they need, will even print up statement if anyone is concerned. Sincityelectric@yahoo.com Things that are Needed Contactors, Knocker, 12 volt and 24 volt converters, fans for cooling, led lights for under cab. Im sure I'm missing a few other things
  9. Russ.... LOL Don't worry in terms of FPS, 40 to 50 FPS is NOTHING when we are getting scores of 3000, to 6000. LOL But your right, once destruc enters it, we should be getting better FPS. H4CK3R
  10. Currently their is a 40 to 50 FPS loss difference with the DMD code in the Pinmame.DLL. Tho this is still in Beta, and Destruk hasn't Cleaned it into the code yet, and disabled the LCD DMD within it. I would say that after Beta is done, and the LCD DMD is removed from the Code, you will see a GREAT increase in FPS. Not to mention that you can run both your Playfeild, and your Backglass on one GPU. The only issue I see with the alfa numeric numbers is having both the DMD and the BS2 running at the same time. Hopefully There will be away to edit the pinmame, or have it call to a file that says to run the DMD or not for certain games. That as a end user can control, so that we can avoid a double score board. And update the Pinmame.DLL based on what games have been completed with the BS2 system. I can personally say that the Real DMD is night and day, compared to the LCD DMD. And those waiting for a COLOR DMD, they are just using a LCD in full color for it. Not to mention that your Going to be waiting at least 3 to 5 years to get your hands on it, unless we as a community redo it ourselves. Stern is coming out with a NO DMD system, and replacing the backglass with a LCD ( what most of us cab owners already have ) And the scoring will be taking place on the backglass LCD. This is good for two reasons... One, the Stern Sam Systems games will be available for us in the not to far distance future. Two, and those of us with a Real DMD, and a LCD backglass will be future proof with sterns new system, when and if they are available. Bottom line, Get this DMD while you can, you wont regret it. Also Russ is a great person to deal with, and has so far addressed every issue that has come along. ( Mind you I'm still beta testing it ) It's H4CK3R Approved, H4CK3R
  11. That's the one I got, actually 2 of them...
  12. I called them, they said it was 5 volts... Will get more info
  13. Pinball Life has these in stock, Only 60 left. at 134 each... http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=164&parent=0
  14. well mine came from future... and its super bright... almost a red color when I first got it. H4CK3R
  15. you can get the controller over at the VP forums on this thread... tell him I sent you.. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=17916&st=180&gopid=164894entry164894
  16. By the time you get the DMD and the Dongle most of the bugs will be worked out. And their are only 5 games that have the higher res 128 x 64, Baywatch, Arron spelling, ect ect.. He's converting the Pinmame.DLL to re-size those DMD's to fit the 128 x 32
  17. The orange DMD cost me 300 for the 5 Volt, the dongle is 75 plus shipping... Worth every penny...
  18. Just got my DMD and my USB device from Russ.... All I can say is, WTF why didn't someone come up with this along time ago... Here is a Photo, will make a Video soon... If you want one Hit him up on the VPforums and or I'll post a link to his website once its done. It's at http://pindmd.com/ 7CLeNvS0Fn0 PEjc0qXmERs H4CK3R
  19. Grrrrr... Using the DIY kit and have no choice but to use Xpadder... Unless someone has any idea's...
  20. Still won't load up for me.. quick question... Have a power supply 12 volt dc 6.5 amps.. can that hook directly to ledwiz? and it just lowers it to 500ma? also have a 24 volt dc.. cant that hook directly, at 12.5 amps... This is kinda confusing me..
  21. tried to load it up, looking for the diodes for the seimens, its corrupted...
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