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  1. I had a friend take a look and he took care of it for me, got it to work, thanx for the suggestions that people had pm'd me.
  2. yeah I've already checked out and tried the scripts posted there along with the settings. I've recompiled and the whole 9 yards. HS just freezes when I've tried using those. As far as the settings I've tried both the default ones and the ones under posts containing scripts all with no luck. If someone has gotten theirs working and could post their settings/script portion would really love to try it out, thanx,
  3. Nulldc doesnt even start, the screen just goes black and I have to cntrl-alt-del to close autohotkey. I've done some digging to try and find a fix. Tried some of the ideas I've found and they didnt seem to work. Should nulldc 1.6 work out of the box with 1.0 just like other emulators or is something else needed to be done. Nulldc works just fine outside HS, and the resolution is set for the same as HS. I'm using cdi's, and everything was setup exactly the same as other emulators, using the right file extensions, points HQ at the right folders etc. Anyone have any ideas?
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