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  1. Nah i don't have black bars. MAME fills the entire screen just like the rest of my emu's only GB,GBS and 3DS use a bezel. only special stuff i use is the fade image to let choose and Xbox one controller or a Wii one. i never liked the bezel stuff. not because how it's looks just like my stuff fullscreen. Years back i tried and tested bezels but it just wasn't for me so i abandoned the project.




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  2. Yeah i knew about these. They looks awesome dude, love the look and clean style really makes them pop.... i don't use bezels, never did. It's always a pain when you come close to finishing it up and can't find the stuff you are looking for...especially the last ones. that's the main reason i use top 100 game sets on all my systems. Easy to finalize and keeps it clean.

  3. In the mean while, jump on your own projects that you love doing to get some energy back, and lets collaberate on what set we will be tackling next. we have snes, nes, genesis that are like 60, 70% that also goes for Gamecube. PSP. only the last 2 wont need redraws. and since the N64 emulator is getting love again maybe we can do that set because its not big. but as i said we we'll collaberate on that later. What ever you guys wanna do next and have fun doing.

    Thanks again. the quality on these sets have gone up with a insanely rate thanks to you guys. 

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  4. You guy's know that i dont post that much but i am going trhough all media sections everyday...and you guys are doing an awesome job. I was hoping to see  this kind of quality in years to come but it came way sooner. We have some great artist here. and this stuff will not be limited to HS. you guys will see your work everywhere on front ends in the future. cheers for your hard work on this set guys. 

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