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  1. yep, this is indeed going to be hard, or I have to find another solution. If my xbmc is running on tv, and I want it to stay running on tv while I use the pc it has to be set on true full screen. Otherwise clicking anything on the monitor will just make it disappear. Your .exe worked perfect connorsdad, I just had to turn off that feature in xbmc to realise this. So if I'd want to use this .exe, I'd have to find another way to keep xbmc in foreground if it's running and hs isn't.
  2. Almost! Wow, thanks in advance, this may actually work. It is switching displays correctly, even launching and switching displays properly from my xbmc setup! My monitor is 1280X1024 The TV is 1920X1080 I switched hyperHQ to full screen, and added 1920X1080. However, when hs starts on the tv, it changes the resolution to a lower one (which in turn crashes the xbmc when I start it from there.) Is there any way to have hs started with the correct resolution from your magical .exes or am I missing something from hyperHQ settings?
  3. It turned off the tv, kept the monitor on, and ran hs on the monitor. Once hs quits, it returns everything to normal. Almost, just switch things around. Make it turn off the monitor, keep the tv on, run hs on the tv. And leave the rest as is.
  4. M:\c) Misc Media Files\HyperSpin
  5. Extended is the default position of my desktop, I was just letting you know from there hs behaves as it does usually. What information would you need so I can try that script?
  6. When I bring it back to extend, all becomes as it was at first. HS shows up on lcd small monitor only, the main display, and does not launch on the TV.
  7. Yes it works. It does make hyperspin run on the tv during the times the tv is set to "Show PC Only". If that's what you mean, then yes.
  8. Yes I'd like to keep a two display configuration. I don't mind the main lcd display going off when hs is running on TV, but I'd like everything to go back to two display when hs closes.
  9. Yes, if I put it on PC only, the tv has main display/taskbar, and hyperspin runs on the tv fine. If I go back to extend hyperspins runs on the lcd monitor again, and not the tv.
  10. Nope, unplugging the LCD monitor does not automatically launch hyperspin on the tv, which is plugged through hdmi. I tried a software, UltraMon, and it works great. It needs a shortcut, and it launches hyperspin on the television half a sec after it's launched, and works fine. Just one problem, that shorcut the software needs... I can't use it in xbmc to launch hyperspin, so again back to square one.
  11. I'm not sure if that would work, I'm willing to try though. Any links for me where I could go to get this script?
  12. No one uses their hyperspin on a second monitor? Is the only solution making my hyperspin monitor the main one and try to reconfigure the whole pc for when I'm not using hyperspin and wish to use the lcd screen for normal pc usage?
  13. I'm also losing focus of the emulators... similar to this thread... any ideas? Help..? http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23952-Hyperspin-taking-focus-after-game-start/page2
  14. I'd like hyperspin to run on the 2nd monitor, which is the extended monitor. This display is actually a tv, and yes I'd prefer, like xbmc it runs on that display when it's started only. My GPU is MSI R7770-PMD1GD5 Radeon HD 7770
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