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  1. Is it me or are the Dolphin builds all over the place. I'm having trouble finding the most recent build.
  2. Thanks! I used the PSP mini one as a template to create my own seeing as i don't fully know what i'm doing. I just replaced and edited the image files and such to create my own.
  3. I was able to learn how to ad a system and a theme but I added psp and all I could find was a PSP mini theme. Am I missing a download section with PSP themes or something? Also I tried downloading a video from the movie site and it just gives me errors telling me I have to wait for a download to finish even though it's been finished for about an hr. I can make my own videos but it's annoying. I basically figured out most of it I just can't get a proper psp theme for the most part.
  4. Yeah so I wanted to ad Virtual boy, PSP, and a few others. How do you do that?
  5. Yeah thanks. Mupen64 on Retroarch crashes on my shield tablet though. It works once and than if I try to use it again the whole emulator crashes. I guess I'll talk to the dev on Retroarch. Not my favorite conversations over there though. Hopefully I can have a civil conversation. I guess a bug report should go fine I hope. Lol.
  6. A lot of apps do that so it seems like this one could.
  7. I'm actually using the Android version because I mostly use android emulators and I stream pc ones to android. However i've wanted a real frontend on android for a long time. Now it's here and it seems like so much work for a screen I will see for at the most a minute before I launch my game. However i'm obsessed with it.
  8. I see it listed in the list of emulator nightlies but I was wondering if there it can support Hyperspin? I know the dev of Nostalgia was able to get the Ouya version to load up roms but not launch them in the emulator.
  9. The back button works but if you have changed any settings in the menu exit from the menu because your settings won't save.
  10. Yeah I just deleted all those vids. I didn't even realize the vids I looked at were for individual games and not the system. I was able to shave off a few mb by compressing the audio and resampling it though so maybe i can apply that elsewhere.
  11. Ha ha! thanks but i'm not going to be hooking up a HDD on to my tablet on the go. I have a 64gb sd card which i'm trying to get the most out of. I already have a 1tb hdd but that's for my pc.
  12. If I compress those video files to get back some space will it cause an issue? Meaning if they are still in mp4 format. The videos eat up over 400mb but i want them.
  13. I saw someone do it on YouTube and they used a gamepad profiler. Specifically he used xpadder. I'm assuming you can use other ones.
  14. You can also stream PC emulators from your PC to it and avoid all the wires and having to dedicate an entire PC to a cabinet with all the messy wiring. Heck you could stream the PC version of Hyperspin to it.
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