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  1. I've got 17 years in emulation, and about 12 total in planning for a cab. My ex-wife despised video games, although ironically enough, she didn't mind playing PS1 games with me when we were dating, I guess her true colors came out after I slapped the ring on her finger lol. She would never let me build a cab, even knowing how bad I wanted one because A) she didn't see the point in spending upwards of $3000+ dollars on something when I could just use a joystick on my computer and she said there would be no way in hell she would have a gigantic 4-player monstrosity in her living room. Well, that was 4 years ago. Now, I'm divorced and have been living with the love of my life for the last 3, who not only loves video games, but wants to build a cab more than I do! When I showed her HS and the ideas I had been kicking around for years and years about a cab, her exact words were, "Hell yes, when are we building that bitch?!?!" So after going over probably 20-30 different cab designs and coming to mutual agreements on hardware, she preferred Happ sticks and buttons at first, but after a couple of days on MAME with my SFIV Fight Stick that has actual Sanwa parts in it, she's converted Since I have the software side covered, we decided we are going to build the cab in phases. Phase 1 will be the wood for the cab, paint, T-molding, and the printed artwork. Phase 2 will be the purchase of the hardware, the joysticks, buttons, Aimtraks, steering wheel, etc. Phase 3 will be the purchase of the cabs own PC, as my personal PC will be a placeholder so we can use the cab until we give it it's own "guts". So after almost 20 years of waiting, am I giving up? Nope. I will have my cab, might take another year, but I will have it
  2. There are a few Sega CD games that were produced that utilized the 32X to enhance the visuals. As far as I know, Kega Fusion is the only emulator that can play 32X CD games. I wouldn't know about RetroArch, I don't use it.
  3. Version 20101231


    Agent Super Bond (Super Cobra conversion) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  4. Version 20101224


    1 on 1 Government - 1on1gov (MAME)-ninjalo
  5. Version 20101231


    4 En Raya - 4enraya (MAME)-ninjalo
  6. Version 20101222


    3-D Bowling - bowl3d (MAME)-ninjalo
  7. Version 20101223


    Ace Driver: Racing Evolution (Rev. AD2) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  8. According to 4DO's compatibility list, there is only a couple of games that are unplayable as you can see here. Crash 'n Burn is at 90% playable on 4DO. The notes even state that "When selecting to start a race, sometimes the game will still reboot similar as it did before. Additionally, audio for video clips in racer selection screen sometimes improperly synced. The taunting preview of racers before starting a race also sometimes incorrectly super-imposes itself over screen elements." The only differences that I know of between 4DO and Project Phoenix is that 4DO uses some of FreeDO's source code while Project Phoenix has been coded from the ground up, allegedly. I myself haven't tried Phoenix because it seems the official releases are all in Russian and the only translated versions I've found have been either spyware or hacked up versions of the emulator. I've used 4DO since the early beta releases and it's only gotten better as time goes on.
  9. Well, looks like two of us had real life jumble up our time with HS. Glad to see you're still around Bill, looks like I'm going to be back around a bit myself. I probably need to PM Brolly lol Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. What really sucks, well, besides this jackass making a living off of other people's blood, sweat and tears that they've put into this frontend, is the fact that somehow he still has access to everything HS. Personally I think that he and everyone he does business with should be banned from here and from EmuMovies. Let's see how "lucrative" his business is without the steady influx of new content. I was reading his comments and it's funny, from what I gathered, it's okay for him to sell the artwork and themes everyone else here has created, but he doesn't share anything he's created with the community, but then we're supposed to be okay with the fact that he's selling it...That's 'Murica though, make money off of someone else's work and claim it's yours. It doesn't matter if he "makes it easier", I've been away from HS for over a year, I deleted my ENTIRE old setup and had HS along with RocketLauncher up and running in less than a week, and that was only working on it for a couple of hours a day, thanks also to HyperSync because I didn't have to match all of that artwork to my XMLs like I used to. It's easier to set up now than it was when I joined up back in 2009 thanks to the combined efforts of the community that contribute their time and talent for FREE, while this jackass tries to justify selling other people's work because of the "difficulty" of setting it up? Really?!? Not trying to sound like an ass or an elitist, but if you can't read and follow the TONS of support here, or make a post on the forum if you need help, then use another FE, HyperSpin is not for you. People like him really make me question my faith in humanity, what a douchebag. /endrant
  11. Well for me, my ex-wife, whom I'm patiently waiting for someone to drop a house on , always hated anything video game related except for Bejeweled on her phone, so even after 14 years of marriage, an arcade cab was never going to happen for me. My fiancee', whom I've been with for the last year and a half, has said that the only way I can build a cab is if I can make the CP modular lol. I created a monster when she saw my HyperSpin setup, then she was looking through cabinet designs with me and said, "As long as the main CP is set up for 4 players so my sister, me and two of my friends can play TMNT the way it was meant to be played, then it needs a driving CP for Pole Position, and a trackball somewhere in there for Centipede, then you can build it." I can honestly say I think I've found the woman of my dreams lol. I caught her looking at CP's on various sites and she is telling me that we have to come up with a dual-stick configuration now for Smash TV, god I love this woman lol
  12. I'm using a Sanwa joystick and buttons in my SF4 stick, but once I start on my cab I'm going full Happ, just because that's what I grew up with
  13. Nice, thanks for the info, you guys are just cranking them out keep up the great work!
  14. I'm definitely a believer after seeing the Sega CD set redone, they are just beautiful. I'm anxious for the 480p Sega Genesis set now
  15. It looks good bro. I can't believe how well it fit in there
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