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  1. haha, I was just coming here to ask! Yeah, the translators are not working. opening Question " salve sono stefano vivo in italia , vorrei acquistare un vostro blissbox 4 adpter , quando sara’ di nuovo disponibile? saluti " I replied with " in English: This is discontinued, some still exist in stores but many are sold out. You can still buy the cable bag on the store but the HUB is a special order. If you want to buy the HUB email me " then he says "grazie , mi puo’ spiegare come funziona , io uso un pc con hyperspin e’ devo simulare i tasti xbox360 usando controller 8Nbido e hori pro v , mi puo’ dire la soluzione migliore? gamer pro e’ la stessa cosa?" I replied with a link to a HyperSpin Bliss-Box tutorial Then he says "my controller are all with usb 2.0 because i use a pc with hyperspin , how must to buy for this? gamer pro is ok? sorry for this questions my english is so and so chis wizshaw tell me that i want to use my controller i can simular with hub blissbox , please help me for to buy correcty i must simular controller xbox with more controller no xbox " I then told him I would seek outside help in his language. after a bit he says " praticamente hyperspin funziona bene con il controller xbox , io ho tre controller di cui due sono usb 2.0 e sono nintendo 8nbido e un altro joistick della hori pro v , li uso a seconda del tipo di game , purtroppo con hyperspin questi non funzionano bene xche’ non li riconosce come xbox controller " in behalf of HP I replied " The thing you need to know is that Hyper spin is just a front end. The emulator are what read the controller. So its not Hyper spin that is issue. It is the fact you need to config each emulator and not all emulators will use xbox. Game-Pro makes this easier because all emulators will support it, you can map joy 2 keys for navigating in hyperspin. " where he just said " che cosa mi consigli di fare? " So, I'm failing him I think.
  2. Does anyone speak French well? A user needs help with the Bliss-Box and is not sure where to start. He does not speak English fully and hopes to find a French speaker.
  3. Hello all, just want to drop off the current progress. First, the API is ready and working great thank to the help of the beta team. The 2.0 firmware that will be required to use the API is in the final stages of controller testing (help still wanted). See the images below for a few API screen shots as well as the videos on the FB page. There has been some personal interested with the people involved in Bliss-Box and Hyper-Spin. So do not take the lack of posts as a sign that we are not alive and well I would also have to suggest using our FB page for the most recent news. Things to look forward to. 1) Gamer-Pro: A single player version of the 4-play 2) API software: as talked about above. 3) 2.0 firmware. 4) Cables: Yes we hope to get the cable produced this year at the same same as the Gamer-pro production. We are planning to get a few cable made that are not yet available. 5) With the API being open source and available, we hope to see front-ends and emulators start talking to the 4-play natively. We wish you all a great holiday season as that approaches and hope to have a great year in gaming! The Bliss-Box team.
  4. All API function go to port's, the controllers are not part of the Bliss-Box. The Bliss-Box interfaces with controllers. In many cases we send data directly to the controller but that still goes thru the ports. 2.0 will have 4 port ID's like the 4-play fix. When you first flash 2.0 to all ports the ID's will be the same. In the software you set what ports you want to be what players just like the 4-play but with a GUI. Then you set each port up the way you want it, options, config, etc. And communicate with a controller attached to that port. Once the software is done it would be like saying player 1 -> send LCD image. or player 3-> set mappings.
  5. Avar, as always thank you for spreading the word. I did want to add one of the more impressive new features, LCD writing. This is going to be a very easy mechanism for emulation developers. I strongly encourage everyone to spread the word on this. You do not need any drivers or plugins just way to send data to basic HID calls. I'll be releasing the source code for the command line and C# to show how simple this will be. [/video]
  6. newoski, please just get with AVAR. He has pretty much done what you are offering. I'm not really the "document" type. I thought he did a pretty good job but maybe send him a PM. He'd be happy to help.
  7. Here is a small glimpse at the new API and how it will handle button mappings. In the image each button follows this. //default: [] X /\ 0 st sl L1 R1 L2 R2 up dn lf rt lck rck * home The code in the image is setting HID assignments to that set up. It's based from the psx controller but you can use it for anything as Bliss-Box has a global mapping. The API will also be able to give you the controller connected and with that you can apply new mapping to the adapter.
  8. Well that was taking out of contents. the above lines may help a bit where it explain that you press buttons on a controller to activate modes. naturally pasting a live doc here would be very counter productive. Your guess is correct, its a loose wire inside the nes controller.
  9. I'm not sure it will help either but I think its good to know the options exist. As with all products on the market nowadays, Bliss-Box also has a live manual. http://skunx7.wixsite.com/bliss-box/support Directly from the manual. Firmware 1.56 or higher Alternative Mapping: Two main Buttons + Start, then D-Pad direction to set mode, Up = Normal Mode; Down = Sony Playstation 3 Mode; Right = Xbox 360/One Mode; LEFT = Arcade Mode (available since 1.57). Modes: Sony Playstation 3 – Mimics a PS3 controller layout. Start + select, is the HOME button. Xbox 360/One - Mimics a XBOX controller layout. Start + select, is the HOME button Arcade – This mode is for arcade setups. All buttons map in an 6 button arcade like style and all d-pad controllers without analog will send the d-pad as digital buttons. Normal – This is the normal mode best set up for running emulators.
  10. That's why Bliss-Box has a 360 mapping option.
  11. Did all 4 ports before you used the 4-play fix?
  12. We have a live manual. Any new option that is usable in the latest firmware will be in this doc. You may also be interested in the new save to port feature via eeprom feature.
  13. Few small things to address here. 1. The 4-play fix is a fan project. Not support or endorsed by Bliss-Box in anyway. Soon the new API will fix the ID issues. Maybe this month! 2. RA is a beast in itself. When I said the new firmware now works on it, I only mean that is detects and can be used. As for as setting up goes, that is not anything I can help with. RA does do a few strange things because it was design to be used with many adapters. Since the Bliss-Box is self contained, they are braking the way it is designed to be used. A few things are being address here for that. a) The RA team has a unit and they are looking for a solution, please bug then LOL! https://forums.libretro.com/t/one-of-those-pesky-bliss-box-4-play-users/8815/16 b ) 1.56 and greater has 360/PS3 Mapping mode. This could be used to make the Bliss-Box act like those controllers. So the button layouts are the same. c) The API will allow user configure HID assignments. You can send a simple command to change the mappings on the fly! - should be out soon! If xpadder is an issue report it on the Bliss-Box forums, we need to know when things break?
  14. RetroArch changes a lot. When I installed it here, everything just worked. With the latest firmware I'd expect that to be the case still. As for getting it right, just know many users are using it with RetroArch now so you're good either way.
  15. Well when you said retroArch I assumed you meant the Linux version because it always worked on the windows version. If my assumption was correct, it's as simple as that. Dual device = fail. I simply had no choice but to remove the dual device in flavored of the retroPi users. I do believe at one point getting the windows version of retroArch to work required some hackery. This was because SDL 2.0 was favored by retroArch. Turns out SDL also had a bug with dual devices and was also resolved with this fix. So it was much easier to use retroArch in windows.
  16. There was rather big news a month ago or so on that. It may have not reached this thread in respect for HS. Though after 1.55, Bliss box supports retro arch and emulation station for the pi where previously is didn't. Also the RetroArch team has a BB in had and are working on an internal mapping for it. The main issue was BB was always a dual device (mouse+gamepad). Since some linux kernels could not decode that, we dropped that support.
  17. Blue labels. In the past they have been know to give issues, especially if you are in Europe. AS for these Europe types, the only fix is to get me one... In the case of Europe, and I believe, they came off another assembly line. This line introduced little differences is resistance that causes the effect I was explaining. These are very fixable IMO but not without me having one here. If this is you, let me know if you can help the community back.
  18. One possible idea is to add a 16mhz on newer models but that would not help the current units. Also code would not be backward compatible. Though I don't think this is an issue with the current DC code in the way described above. What it would address is allowing 3rd party DC controller to work. A better option would be a DC to ps2 adapter but you loose peripheral support.
  19. Bit of Bliss box history here... may relate to your issue. Read last paragraph to skip the history part. Little may know but the Bliss-Box runs at 12mhz. This is not enough to code in c to use the Dream Cast(DC) . It must be done in assembly. As a matter of fact, if the clock was 11.999999999~ the assembly would not have enough time and the Bliss-box would not be able to read it. When Bliss-Box started we had zero intentions of supporting all of these controllers. In fact it was only intended to interface with the big 4. n64, gc, psx, and (s)Nintendo. After learning I decided to take on this challenge. In 07 this happened. The fact that the DC required 12mhz was merely a coincidence. So whats with the DC? The DC uses two hand shakes on two wires at the same time. Normally you do a 3 or two (sometimes one) wire communication. You send a single on one (talk to me) or (listen to me) and send data on the other. In the case of DC you send one bit of data on wire one, and at the same time wires two says read this bit at this mark. Then they swap.... Love to go in to great detail for anyone that wants to know. Though here is the catcher. Not only does it complicate thing by doing this, it does this at an incredible speed. It is so tight that you have 97ns per bit, and at 12mhz that is about 6 clock cycles. So if you were writing code, that means 6 lines of ASM code per bit. Well using something like an if statement is going to cost you about 4 lines of ASM code. So yeah, its damn tight. The only way to make this happen was to assume the bits would be ready and just time it all out guessing when to read bits. The correct way is to wait for wire one to say I'm ready, and read line 2, then switch. That would have required 12 clocks (lines of ASM). So what does all of that drivel mean? It means, you can not sneeze... Well the code can't anyways. Point is this. If USB has some sort of tolerance, and as far as I know it does not, it may make things hard for the dream cast to work. In sufficient power to the Bliss-Box or 4-play would be a primary target. Anything that might change the condition that a Bliss-Box needs to operate could be your issue. Of course we do not know of any issues yet. So there, a bit of Bliss-Box history and a long winded answer.
  20. Things to consider when having Dream Cast issues. does the problem occur when a rumble pack is in? Does removing it fix it? does the problem occur when a mem pack is in? Does removing it fix it? does the problem occur when a LCD pack is in? Does removing it fix it? Does the DC have a blue or red label? Is this an official OEM pad? I have tested all of the above with no issues on 1.56.1. A few people have reported DC issues on the port facing (2:00). See if moving to a new port helps the issue.
  21. Newoski, are you referring to the Bliss-Box? Xpadder is just a simple overlay that reads joystick information. It has always worked with Bliss-Box from the very beginning. If this stopped working at some point in time I was never made aware of it that I can recall. Many users have made Xpadder profiles for the Bliss-Box in the past.
  22. flashing will be address in the way of pressing the button. We are adding a rubber cushion much like gamepads. Please if possible post thoughts on the announcement page. Or they very possibly will get overlooked.
  23. 1.56 is out. As Avar said its a big deal check out some of the new stuff. Alternative Mapping: The 4-Play can now be mapped to Sony Playstation 3 mode, Xbox 360 mode, Xbox One mode, or normal mode. To activate these modes, simply hold the two main buttons (i.e. A +B ), the Start button, then use the D-Pad to pick a mode. Up = Normal Mode; Down = Sony Playstation 3 Mode; Left = Xbox 360/One Mode. Disable/enable Auto Pause: Hold Start for 6 seconds. And! the 4-play now has the ability to save all features. To save the current state of these modes press the following combo: Hold Start + Two Main Buttons (i.e. 1 and 2 or A and B)for 3 seconds.. This will save per port.
  24. If anyone has issues with game cube controllers not detecting right or uncontrollably rumbling. Get 1.55 ! GC is much improved and now more compatible then raph net. Previous to this discovery 4-play shared raph nets code (the adapter with the highest GC compatibility on the net AFAIK). This now makes the 4-play the number one GC adapter on the net in the way of compatibility. I'll have to contact him to show what I learned being the GC code is a share open source project but knowing him, he will not adobe the change until he learns it for himself. If you want to know more about the recent fix, see the FB page. Also UK fans, we are now distributing in the UK! Please everyone welcome VGP, this first official reseller for Bliss-Box. Please do check out VGP https://www.videogameperfection.com/products/controller-adapter-basic/%20.
  25. Just wanted to drop a quick note. We added a single player option to the KS.
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