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  1. Wonder if any of our talented theme creators have thought of doing a theme for this one yet? I'll be happy to bang out the background audio file if you want it BBB and I'm sure Circo can do an accompanying video once you got it done. I think this puppy deserves the respect of launching through HyperSpin and all the fanfare associated with that. I just saw the movie and am just psyched to see BBB's blood sweat and tears come to fruition.
  2. Wow BBB, this looks like it will be just amazing! Looking forward to checking it out.
  3. sounds like a plan max, I'll have to follow the same protocol and I should be in business in no time.
  4. Thanks Jack, not being all that handy your flatpack would probably be a godsend so I had already budgeted for that. I was just wondering what the rest was gonna cost me so I know how many of my personal belongings I need to sell to make this happen.
  5. Jack, What is the average cost for all the parts for the do it yourselfer? Thanks!
  6. Same here, I have to move on to another game and come back to the game I just finished for the score to show up. Sounds like the program doesn't write to the file until you actually leave that particular game perhaps which makes sense. It's certainly easy enough to do though. Now if we could have it update the scores from a list of friends as Hi Scanner did, FireCrypts other program that would be the ducks nuts. I think he said he may revisit that at some point, I sure hope he does as that would take competitive MAMING up a notch.
  7. Thanks, I posted to the thread to see if we can get an answer on that. I appreciate you looking into it for me and the community.
  8. This is mostly for FireCrypts but also for anyone else who might be in the know, at one point the program was called HiScanner so that FireCrypts could see his friends score across town. Was the program originally networkable and if not is that something we can look forward to in the future? I don't mean with the entire world but perhaps you could put in a buddy's IP address or something and have his high scores register. If the program already does this can someone clue me in on how to do it pleez!
  9. Many thanks DNA, thanks for getting me up to speed on this. Keeping my fingers crossed that HS 2.0 supports nvram high scores in HiToText.
  10. Thanks DNA Disturber, was easier to set up than I expected. I assume the file I downloaded from Source Forge is the very latest version then? Also, are you aware if Q Bert works with it or not? I can't seem to get the scores to pop up with this one but I know that roughly 10% of games are available so would understand if it was not yet available. Also, when a new version of HiToText comes out do I simply overwrite the old exe file and replace the old xml with the new one, is it that simple?
  11. where is the hitotext.xml file supposed to go? In the HS Database folder? I have it in the root directory for my HS install right now and the program seems to work but am I missing any functionality by not having the xml in the correct spot? Or is it in the correct spot? Thanks!
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