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  1. I sure hope joystick support gets fixed at least for 1.4 even if it never makes it into 2.0
  2. Here, here. I was wondering if this was the same orbital from another axe fx II user to another. On an unrelated note the guitarist for Sister Hazel came out to see my band last weekend and loved the tones. I'm trying to get him hooked up with Matt or Cliff but neither have not heard back from either of them yet. Sorry to derail the thread as your software looks great. I would love it if there was an option to have the controls show up on the main arcade monitor screen for those of us without a third monitor or could those controls also appear on the marquee display?
  3. Wonder if any of our talented theme creators have thought of doing a theme for this one yet? I'll be happy to bang out the background audio file if you want it BBB and I'm sure Circo can do an accompanying video once you got it done. I think this puppy deserves the respect of launching through HyperSpin and all the fanfare associated with that. I just saw the movie and am just psyched to see BBB's blood sweat and tears come to fruition.
  4. Wow BBB, this looks like it will be just amazing! Looking forward to checking it out.
  5. What about the temporary mounting? The missing piece of the puzzle.
  6. Has the new theme been adopted as part of the minted set that works through HyperSync?
  7. Resurrecting this thread because quite a few clones were actually in the arcades. Some as add on boards for original hardware Q-Bert FHMC or tweaks like Ms. Pac Man Speed Up Hack which seemed even more rampant than the original at one point. It would be great to especially have themes for any that were commercially released. Rondar has been kind enough to offer to tweak up one for Ms Pac Man Speed Up. I wonder how many on that list were actually in the arcades?
  8. I believe djvj designed a program to lower volume after a specified period of time. I think it can also fade it in as well. Perhaps he can expand upon this.
  9. Is there a good tutorial on setting this up so that those of us still using 1.2 can consider doing the upgrade as Circo suggests? Every time I do any type of upgrades something seems to get goofed up so I need to be as informed as possible before taking the plunge.
  10. I'm just gonna wait until its fixed before upgrading as I like using my U360 and don't wanna dick around with temporary workaround solutions.
  11. Has anyone confirmed whether joystick support was corrected (U360 specifically for me but asking also more broadly for everyone) with the bug patch BBB posted?
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