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  1. sounds like a plan max, I'll have to follow the same protocol and I should be in business in no time.
  2. Thanks Jack, not being all that handy your flatpack would probably be a godsend so I had already budgeted for that. I was just wondering what the rest was gonna cost me so I know how many of my personal belongings I need to sell to make this happen.
  3. Jack, What is the average cost for all the parts for the do it yourselfer? Thanks!
  4. My email is rosarezendes83@yahoo.com thanks for the art.

    Could you possibly copy the entry for mspacmnf from your mame.xml file so I can drop it in mine? I tried renaming and putting the entry in the xml and when I load ms pacman, it acts like its gonna load then it blinks and is back on the game select

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