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  1. The U works within HP, and its great for creating B2S backglassartwork. The O key does the playfield artwork. I dont think either would apply for the jukebox, since its a little different.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ycqrvl7lhk0j1k/JukeArt.zip
  3. I got the artwork (both wheel and background) from deviantArt. Of course, I did a little modifying. I remember having issues with B2S and Jukebox compatibility... My backglass TV is 720p, but for some reason, windows will allow me to do higher resolution (1920x1080) - My guess is some kinda upscaling, like DirectDraw One resolution would work with the Jukebox at fullscreen, then B2S's would be messed up. One resolution would work with the B2S's and then the Jukebox would be messed up. I finally got everything working at a lower resolution of 800x600. When trying to get LedBlinky working, just work on ledblinky and getting it to work with an MP3. I had issues setting it up, because I had muted out some unused (software) ports from within my Master Volumne Properties. After opening up all the in and out ports, and got it working, I then went back and muted the ones that weren't needed. After you can get the LedBlinky to work with an MP3, then work on getting the DWjukebox to work with it.
  4. Blur, I commented out my 2 .lnk lines and added Runwait, "%A_ScriptDir%\jukebox.bat",,hide but I'm having issues with my AHK compiler. It was giving me a GPIP.ahk missing error, then placed in directory, then gave me a COM.ahk missing error. Can you compile and I'll test? If it's an issue, I can redownload /install the AHK program and get 'er done.
  5. I have yet to test the newest release from blur, but you should be able to add jukebox as a table to your visual pinball database (even though it's not visual pinball) and then add your own artwork, then it would be ready (assuming the batch file will be in the official release). Until the official release, you can create your own batch (with the runwait edit) or wait for me to repost the updated batch file with the revision (hopefully tommorrow evening).
  6. Should be doable, but not sure why you need to talk to wife - no purchases are required. If you want a jump-start, try to find settingsons DWJukebox program and follow his tutorial. I believe you can look up his youtube stuff, and that points you to the vpforums tutorial. Once you get the jukebox setup, then work on the ledblinky. It's a little PIA, but it's worth it.
  7. Blur, here's what I got: start C:\Docume~1\Player1\MyDocu~1\LEDBlinky_5_1\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe audio.lwax start /wait C:\Docume~1\Player1\MyDocu~1\PinJukeLaunch\PinJukeLaunch\PinJukeLaunch.exe launch_juke.cfg taskkill /f /im ledblinky.exe start C:\Docume~1\Player1\MyDocu~1\LEDBlinky_5_1\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe 2 This starts blinky, opens jukebox (with focus) and has my button configuration set. Once I press exit, the batch file closes and shuts down ledblinky However, the third line, "taskkill /f /im ledblinky.exe" does not close the ledblinky. The forth line does (the parameter 2 is to turn off)
  8. I created jukebox.bat in the hyperpin folder. My three lines are: "C:\Docume~1\Player1\My Documents\LEDBlinky_5_1\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" audio.lwax "C:\Docume~1\Player1\My Documents\PinJukeLaunch\PinJukeLaunch\PinJukeLaunch.exe" launch_juke.cfg taskkill /f /im ledblinky.exe It runs ledblinky with the paramenter for audio, but then halts and waits for it to close. It doesn't execute the next line (PinJukeLaunch) until I close ledblinky, but the jukebox doesn't have focus and my keys don't seem to respond, except ESC key (maybe it isn't reading the parameter correctly). Once I exit the PinJukeLaunch, the batch file closes.
  9. I can test, and yes, I could use help with the batch file.
  10. Blur, your explanation is logical For anyone that is curious what ledBlinky & DWJukebox is: Speak now, or forever hold your peace
  11. I never got the exit menu to work. It jus closes the jukebox on the exit key press, and leaves ledblinky runnng. That was probably the worst thing about my code.... It basically is hacked into the fplaunch. Funny, that you would say my b2s is the non-clean part. If nobody is interested in having the jukebox & ledblinky, then skip it. They are both free programs, but the ledblinky can be purchased for $20 to get rid of a 3 second intro. Obviously, it would need to be inserted into the code better than the way I did, and would need some testing done. Settingsons PinJukeLaunch needs to be setup first, then LedBlinky, and finally this sniplet of code that launches and exits. LedBlinky makes the lights flash to the music. It is sound activated software that runs your ledwiz. Thanks for your work.
  12. My ledBlinky was intergrated with VP in the fplaunch (hardcoded as PinJukeLaunch). The ledblinky and the jukebox are both ran via the shortcut with the parameter for startup. The exit key overrides the 1...2...3... closing screen and closes imediately (would be nicer if it closed with 1..2..3.. screen). I dont have the ledset running because the blinky is an alternative to it. The ledclear should be ran (in my head, but not in my code) upon closing of the jukebox. Currently ledclear is called when a VP table is ran (non-pinjukelaunch). This could be usefull for people that would like their FP tables to have ledblinky going to the sounds. As far as the B2S code goes.... I wasn't asking for the addition, but I know it's nice to not have to modify EVERY table. It closes properly the way that it is setup. When the table is closed via the fplaunch, the table closes the B2S - It works perfectly, even with the 1...2...3... Of course, I am running xp 32bit, and I can't speak for all users, but this is a big thing for me
  13. Blur, Here's my fplaunch along with a couple other files that help it run (batch and shortcuts) I seen another user with a dropbox link, and it's new to me... Please let me know if the link doesn't work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xztr0l4r39geb7t/LedBlinky.rar BTW: I also modified it to run B2S files w/o modifying each table (makes more sense to me to modify one fplaunch file than every B2S file.)
  14. I'll post something shortly, just gotta get a little free time to look through my code and see if I can explain what I did :/
  15. Thanks! Too bad I just gotta wait for my DMD now again. (Just shipped it back)
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