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  1. It's been on VPForums: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7249 or http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7251
  2. DAMN - Nice Link!!! I'm using an I5 @ 3.4ghz with 8gb DDR3 (WinXP only sees ~ 3.5) and a 480GTX (1.5gb) I would say it can handle almost anything - My only exception is when I run Avatar and the B2S, I get an out of memory error. Without the B2S, it's fine. Every other B2S out there (with table) is fine. Guess what I'm saying is: If you have overkill now, in couple years, it'll be just a "good" setup. If you can afford it - go for it :-) STAY AWAY FROM SLI - From what I've read, NOBODY has seen any benefits from SLI on VP. I believe every I5 / I7 motherboard with support SLI - just don't use it for SLI.
  3. Cool - Does it support a real DMD, or is it just working with LCD's?
  4. THOUGHTS of what is happening: The USB card uses the CPU - and that is bad for the GPU. The GPU recognizes 3 monitor and trys to allocate the memory. The problem is that the USB is not even using the GPU. REALITY of what is happening: I have heard nothing but bad things with all USB video ports being used as third monitors. Kinda late now, but I believe that if you have MB with only 1 PCI-E, it might be cheaper to get a Real LED-DMD with a PinDMD2 (approx $400) than to upgrade the MB, CPU and add the video cards. If starting fresh, the dual PCI-E is the most economical (with powerful results) way to go. Running VPinMame in the third window doesn't require too much, and your 610 might be adequete. Try the 610 with only the DMD. Use your 660 for the PF and the BG. I am using a 480 for the PF and BG and it's been running every table at full speed. I believe that a 480 and 660 should be pretty close in a comparison of GPU power.
  5. When you swapped PC's, did you register your ledwiz ocx file?
  6. Sorry for your loss - that's gotta hurt. Most people REALLY don't get the risk calculation - There is alot of risk involved in making these cabs. My TV was/is about $900, I am always scared to pull it out - thinking of worse case senarios. Sorry again :-(
  7. In the ledwiz.ini file you could alter the heading section to reflect your settings. It would only work when coupled with the heading RGB (3 as 1) stlye, and not the primitive 1-1 style. Each table can be individually set, meanning that 1 config file can have both output settings and work fine. For the primitive style 1-1, you would have to manually edit each row (table). Using Excel, you can import and export, but it still needs manual editing.
  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I LOVE your DMD/Speaker panel!
  9. Data East lockbars are 1" shorter than WMS. If using WMS rails in a WMS cab with Data East lockbar, you should be about an 1" short.
  10. FWIW: In general, a LED tv will have a smaller frame than an LCD.
  11. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?24748-Tables-with-multiple-buttons-you-couldn-t-live-without&p=236598#post236598
  12. Off the rop of my head: BK BK2K The Shadow Medusa High Speed II The Getaway (Shift Gears) Jurassic Park (Smart Missle) Riverboat gambler ( I setup the magnasaves as green and red button - alas, no white or black ) Some more.... Demolition Man (I don't use, but they can be used for extra scoring) Haunted House (I don't use, but they can be setup) Jukebox Controls (Up n Down) I couldn't do without the extra buttons. They are not close enough that I even know that they are there, until when my fingers have to search for them. Also, Some older EMs have the mechanical ball launch that is setup to be the right magna save
  13. I can't seem to get the PWM set to off... I select off, but it still gives me S20 Green etc.
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