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  1. Thanks Monty Great to know. I wasn't sure it was an HSA as it had been repurposed to run Tetris when I bought it.Thanks for the info. More info to follow
  2. Thought I would finally upload my project. Will post the details shortly.
  3. Hi Gyom, Been out of the scene for a little bit, but this caught my eye. While I have a plunger on my cab, I never really did anything with it. I was always looking for the best way to create a virtual plunger (The hardware specifically). This high hat controller looks like a cool idea. Think I understand the principle of variable resistance but, how do you intend to interface these led's with your pc? I'd love to see pics and hear your feedback on how well it works out when completed.
  4. tchiacch's question spurred me to go back and play around with my setup this weekend. Zebulon you're definately right. The opto's would eliminate the lag of relays. After spending some time with my cab, in addition to no delay, I find it important for vp games to be rom controlled as opposed to hardwired permanently. Things like video mode, or when the machine is simply in attract, the flippers (contactors) should not activate. Adding the ledwiz with use of fplaunch wip 7, to wolf's diagram would allow you to turn off the contactors during HP browsing and on during FP playing. But in the case of rom controlled VP play, even the ledwiz has some processing time...As the flipper button directly controls power to the contactor I wonder if it in combination of contactor activation time would be fast enough to keep up with any truly fast taps of the flipper button.
  5. I had the exact same question The closest thing I could come up with is something like this - Post 10 on my build thread - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?18104-Transformers-Cabinet-Build-40-27-19 which allows for atleast flipper contactors to work in FP and VP This was an early concept but for the most part, its the way I have it in my cab for now. Differences: -Flipper is on the negative side as opposed to + like in the drawing -Ledwiz sits inbetween the gnd terminal and the top relay. Using darkfalls vbs scripts I am able to tell HP to turn on/off that connection when in HP -In conjunction, I hooked the contactor up to Common and Normally closed on the relay. This means the flipper button will always activate the contactor, except when ledwiz intervenes and turns that output for contactor on during HP browsing. I'm currently trying this config out and am liking it so far. The only drawback to doing it this way (atleast with coil type relays) is 5-10ms activation time of the relay. I believe there are electronic/optical relays that would cut this down further. I haven't done much testing without it but I can say I don't know if I can notice it in gameplay. Hope this helps
  6. Great revision Arkay! tchiacch, I've seen alot of people using 10amp models so it should be ok. I found a 15amp version for just a few more dollars so thought it couldnt hurt for possible expansion in the future- http://www.ebay.com/itm/120861369269?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  7. Good idea to have all this in one place. Here are the ones I have used: Allen Bradley - 700-CF400Z - ok noise, slow response time. Allen Bradley - 100-C09D*10 - Has good sound. A little slower and does pull more current than siemens. - my mm said around 400mA though according to spec it should be closer to 270mA Siemens - 3RT1015-1BB41 - Faster response, able to hook directly to ledwiz - little less loud than the AB 100 (because of the coil size) - Easily modified for louder sound Siemens - 3TH2022-0BB4 - Simply too quite, doesn't provide enough feedback
  8. I know practically nothing about the Arduino board. This thread is on my next to read list. In the mean time, something fun I came across, accomplished with this board Enjoy
  9. Guess I'll throw my hat in as well. My Transformers build. - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?18104-Transformers-Cabinet-Build-40-27-19 WIP
  10. That BSG grill is sweet! Great Job!
  11. it depends on how you plan on using it. The 24v drives the switch. In the case of a nc, when you provide the coil with 24v, the switch will simply toggle (opening). If you just want the action of the coil (the force feedback) then nc or no should be just fine. If however you are hooking your ipac up to that switch so that when the contactor activates you want it to send a signal to your ipac then I'm not sure this will work for you. It's been a while so I can't remember if ipac can be programmed for nc switches. If it's anything like a reg keyboard encoder and you plan on a setup like this, you will need a no contactor. **update - i gotta refresh before posting
  12. Thanks Koadic! Syco, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
  13. Nice to see another calgarian on here. Thanks but I'm referring to post 204 pointing to this link - http://www.mediafire.com/?kzbz6es88dau8p9 Have now tried 4 different computers, no luck. File looks bad - or prob with mediafire.
  14. Koadic, Ive been reading some of the progress you have been making. Great work. I was interested in checking out the latest changes you made with sliders but I am unable to download the exe from mediafire...I tried a couple different computers to no avail. Could you possibly reupload? BitPirate
  15. What if you made the xbox controller the "first" controller (given you can get it working) and the one recognized by VP, and then used something like Xpadder to map your MS sidewinder x y to the standard nudge key presses?
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