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  2. I have watched plenty of youtube videos and read plenty of threads. I think in a perfect world I would put Hyperspin on an SSD with the media. I think it makes it much smoother. Games can then be stored anywhere if you have a modern PC. HD speed and size is whatever you can afford. There are at least a couple of individuals 30+ terabytes...it depends how much of a completionist you are. I think I recently saw a Dreamcast download that was nearly 500GB, and PS1 can run much larger espeacially with imports. PS2, Wii, Xbox, Cemu, Gamecube...way too much space unless you pick and choose your games...
  3. You could also move/copy your database folder...
  4. I get to the Atari 5200 splash screen and then nothing...getting close I think...
  5. The Commodore 64 version was quite good, though I imagine the NES version would be similar enough. You seem to have it covered. I cannot think of anything to add - just want you to know someone is reading this and thinks it's a great idea. I have been dabbling with some compilation wheels (not of my making) and think they are great.
  6. Really surprised so many don't use retroarch. The only gripe I have is that it has just a bit longer launch time than some of the standalone emus. I use MAME for Arcade Classics. I use retroarch for the publisher wheels (Atlus, Banpresto, etc.) so that I get a different feel since the games are duplicated. Recently the MESS core has started working for me so I have dropped MESS for the most part. I don't see anything wrong with either route.
  7. I have watched some of his videos. I think he is living and going to school in Canada, but is not Canadian...I think. Does it matter? He was recently talking about somehow syncing for updates as well...
  8. I was looking for such a database as well. There does not appear to be an easy way to make it. I thought about removing the wheels with Hyperspin Rom Manager and then setting the Arcade Classics wheel to 'Wheels Only', but it did not work for me. Displays all the wheels anyways. Other methods involve too much editing or database building. There are other wheels in addition to the classics that can be removed to which makes the whole thing relative to the user. I think some have AAE to use MAME, so do you remove those? etc.
  9. I'm a noob as well....but I have been dwelling on something that might work here. Please shoot me down if I am totally wrong. You could leave the roms and xml's alone. Separate the wheels into custom categories. Setup up each custom category as a system in RLUI; each setup with MAME and rom path to your MAME roms. Then in HyperHQ set each system up normally, but check wheels only. Then setup up the AAE games one at a time with the alternate emulator option in rlui. Basically, filter the games by their wheels, leaving the roms and xml's alone. Would this work?
  10. Is there an advantage of using Fourdo standalone over the retroarch core?
  11. I prefer the shaders infinitely better, but if your going for the original authentic feel to the games it may not be for you. I prefer the enhanced visuals when I can; it gives the systems something new. Xbox 360 controller support was also a big plus for me. You can have a great Hyperspin setup with just Retroarch. The Mess core drives me mad. I have had no luck getting it to work with anything. (Is the UME core working?) It just works well once you get the hand of it.
  12. Thanks for all this. Enjoy experiencing systems I never new about. I wanted to report a problem. Could be unique to me, but here it is: If I launch a game through Hyperspin, then <esc> out of the game, then proceed to my next game -- nothing happens. After exiting the first game a process (hyperlaunch I think) is remaining in the background and I have to ctrl-alt-del and end the process... Just me?
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