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  1. I don't know, it says pretty clearly that you need an emumovies account to be able to sync movies in HyperSync. It's on the subscription page.
  2. A jump button in what? Are you trying to configure it in Hyperspin or in an emulator now?
  3. Nestopia does have lag? I knew I wasn't crazy! I use Jnes or FCEUX to substitute... although those don't have bilinear filtering, unfortunately.
  4. Has anyone tried tweaking settings to get it to run better? If you disable some of the Flash oriented stuff, like animated backgrounds, it runs a tad bit smoother. That interface looks like someone whipped up a GUI using MaLa. I kind of like it, to be honest. Very 80's. Probably works good on a 15 kHz arcade monitor.
  5. MAMEUIFX is also updated to 0.154. http://mame32fx.altervista.org/home.htm
  6. I'm still confused as to how you would map a coin slot to a console game. "Whoops, gotta pee. Anyone have a quarter so I can pause Super Metroid?"
  7. Just a suggestion in the program (shouldn't be that hard to implement), but could you make a small change in how MAME game themes are implemented? If you download the theme for 19xx, for instance, 19xx will now have a background but no wheel art. You have to unzip the theme and copy 19xx.png into the \Media\MAME\Images\Wheel folder. Not that this is hard to do, but it's extremely tedious to do every single time just for a single theme. Isn't it a simple matter to change the wheel art for the game to be read as <rom>.png?
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