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  1. i got these brackets so i can hang it on the wall like a picture before bolting it in place: i then bent them into a Z shape: and it worked pretty good, they are used only to hold the cab in place while im screwing the wood straight to the wall so it doesn't take 2 people to hang it. the hinges i got from aliexpress worked really good im very happy with these, i had to make a little recess in the panel because it was too thick to open above the 90 degree. also added this hydraulic support so the panel will stay open: i think i will raise the screen a bit, it seems a little too low now that i see it up right.
  2. i thought about it a lot and came to a conclusion that it's a nice gimmicky idea but not very practical for a home cab, and the sizes that i've seen really don't look good proportionally. i also been looking on this: they are much more affordable and i actually think they look better, a kind of pinball machine look. and they are bright as hell.
  3. the image looks a bit low res for a large print, is it 300 dpi? what is the dimensions of that panel? crop an a4 piece and print on your printer see how it looks, pixel wise.
  4. first decide on the layout, what games/characters you want displayed on your cab. then we can help you find the artwork. what you want is vector graphic, there are a lot of redraws made by members of the forum for theme designs. just scroll through the themes and find a redraw you like, then try to ask the designer for the psd file. you can tell if it's a redraw when you see really clean lines like this: if it's a vector you can resize it indefinitely. if you can't find what you want let us know.
  5. how are you doing the bezel? with paint or vinyl?
  6. i bought the same trackball, what i plan to do is remove the lid of the trackball so i have more clearance, then cut 2 grooves in the wood for the encoder wheels, because they are high enough to touch the wood. also im using this as a trim: http://www.ebay.com/itm/351409621576?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  7. I got a 4mm fiber board, it's the stuff that usually being used on the back of cabinets and closets. attached it to the CP: then bent it ghetto style: stitched it with some glue and screws: added some filler to hide all the mess: still need to do a lot more filling and sanding to get it smooth but overall im happy with it considering the tools i have. i was also thinking of adding controllers ports on the side of the cabinet using these mayflash usb adapters: but im not sure how well they will work with button mapping, unplugging and replugging them. does anyone use them regularly? do they remember the controller id? i will have usb ports too so i can use them anyway, but i really like to have them embedded in the cab. i will do some testing once i get the machine up and running before making holes in the wood.
  8. danwelsh, what did you made it from? did you sourced parts or made it from a trackball/mouse?
  9. 247 downloads

    some of them are not 100% accurate as there were no images to go by. also many have japanease on them, i tried my best to stay as accurate as i can to the original.
  10. if you have a graphic card you gonna need something to support it. some cases are attached with rivets. so yo can take the motherboard tray out and use it for support. if your case is welded then you need to cut the tray out . this is how the mobo tray looks out of the case: if its connected with rivets its really easy to pull out. you just drill the rivets. you can also connect the motherboard straight to the wood wit the standoffs. you can use m3 threaded inserts if the standoffs doesn't grab the wood. but again your graphic card need support so the tray is a good option. another option is to use a pcie extender so u can lay down the graphics card: the PSU and HDD can just lay there i wouldn't worry about it unless your OCD.
  11. corsair af120 is a solid choice.if you are looking for quiet look for slim fins. as for an out take fan. its redundant imo, just leave a passive exhaust it will reduce the amount of dust in your cab provided you put dust filters on the intake. if you still want an exhaust fan just make sure you have a stronger fan on the intake to make sure you keep a high pressure in the cab and will not suck air from cracks that can lead to a dust build up.
  12. i got the dremel on got straight back to work. also got these speakers: i worked all weekend and got to this point: got a new 27" monitor from work (i work at a pc shop). mounting the board that hold it took me over 2 hours of fiddling until i got in the right position. mounting the speakers: also drilled most of the control panel: still need to add some wood bars for reinforcement on the bottom side, and then i can hang it for testing.
  13. My dremel died on me mid work. i ordered a new one so my project is on hold until it arrives, just what i needed. on another subject: does anyone know of a good cheap spinner? i know there's only a handful of games that worth it but i realy want to add one to the cab but i don't want to drop 80$ plus shipping on the spintrak thing. also iv'e seen some threads of building a spinner. could be a nice mini project, but i would rather order one if it's like 30-40$
  14. you could make it electric with a linear actuator (like a updesk) but it can get expensive. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/B-Grade-H.
  15. well i have nothing to compare it to, so you shouldn't take my word but it works fairly well, no noticeable lag and the diagonals are fairly easy to reach. i would say the travel distance is a bit to short for my taste but it's something many people like. madhatter3339 - yes i been researching about it and its seem straight forward i still haven't got to that part, i will update my success/failure when i get to it. there is also the method of soaking the wood in warm water and it should work fine on thin plywood i guess i will have to try and learn.
  16. i got the joystick and buttons, they work as expected, didn't have any problems setting this up, the feel and quality is ok, i tried on a shoe box to get a feel for the array.
  17. really nice, did you try the button arrangement? its seems weird to me.
  18. i think this one will fit perfectly in 30mm button: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Round-shaped-0-75-128x128-dots_60496514484.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.p5w47O&s=p now what the hell does it hook up to? edit: found this: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-OLED-display-arduino-module/ i think it can be done.
  19. just found a topic on the same thing: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=145970.0
  20. so im thinking about the perfect cabinet for a while now. and i thought about different types of button arrays. now great things can be done with rgb leds but what if we had screens inside the buttons? something like the optimus maximus keyboard: a few years ago i thought round displays are not feasible but i think these days it can be done, thanks to smart watch technology. i found some screens on alibaba: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Small-1-22-inch-circular-lcd_60411938220.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.IPX6ht&s=p most of them are too big for a 30mm button, but it something to hope for. i even thought about creating a kickstarter for this but i have no time, money or knowledge about how to make it work. but this kind of thing really get me excited. of course it will not be cheap, but iv'e seen people throwing money on dumber things. what do you guys think?
  21. here are the side panels: with wood filler: i also want to have a couple usb ports on the side so i modified this internal esata-usb thingy i had laying around: the front of the controls will be the hardest thing to as i want it to be curved, i still don't know if i will use a thin sheet of plywood soak it in water and then try to bend it or maybe just go with soft pvc plastic. anyway here are the ribs that will form the curvature: and here it is with the control panel (its upside down): i cut it all with a jigsaw cuz thats what i have so i have a lot of sanding to do.
  22. thank you, im glad to be back, actually the fans are going to be on the sides closest to the gpu. i don't know yet if i will add a grill or drill holes, im leaning more to holes because grills are ugly.
  23. thank you for the input. i can return them in 30 days. so i will check them and see if there are any problems. joy2key is fairly simple to set up so i don't think i will have any problem. i will also have 10 additional buttons just for hyperspin and hyper pause so i don't have to constantly switch between profiles. BTW i need a name for this machine to put on the marquee, any suggestions?
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