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  1. Loved the Crylen framed wheel pack, but didn't see one for Sega Dreamcast Indies, so made a basic one.
  2. Credit for this set goes to
    @goofers - 3D PAL jewel case template
    @Black Hazor - source scans, downloads, and photos
    @Avar - source scans, feedback, and artistic direction
    @fire10 -  PAL jewel cases, feedback and artistic direction
    @SupraKarma - project lead

    This set includes jewel case/DVD case 3D art for every game in the [Official] Sega Dreamcast xml, which you can find here. 

    Special thanks goes to @JSinn and @Kondorito. Your insight and constructive criticism has made me more aware as a graphic artist. Thank you for taking the time to help me improve.

    This set is dedicated to the massive media contributors. As much as I'd like to name people by name, I'd probably forget some very important contributors, and I don't want to do that. If you've sacrificed your time - the most valuable commodity we all have in this life - to make HyperSpin more enjoyable for everyone, this is for you. You are the backbone of this entire community, and in a very real sense - HyperSpin itself.

    I had no idea how much work this project was going to be when I started it. I thought I'd have it done in a week, and I underestimated it greatly. There were many unforeseeable obstacles that slowed down progress and turned a one week project into a 2 month project. I have newfound respect for HyperSpin contributors that I didn't before. This set, while not perfect, is as close as I will ever come to putting out A+++ artwork. It is certainly better than I had imagined it would be when I first started it - and I am proud to present on behalf of my co-contributors the [OFFICIAL] HyperSpin Sega Dreamcast 3D Jewel Case Art HD set.

  3. Unless I've overlooked something, there was no section to upload letter packs to, so I uploaded this pack as a 'pointer' instead. Someone should fix this.
    These letters have been created using the 'Tahoma' font, which is the font used in the Dreamcast logo. It's very close to the actual font, only very slight differences (that you probably won't notice unless you're trying to).
  4. This should be a full set of authentic Sega Dreamcast discs, or at least as close to that as is presently available.
  5. Credit goes to sercaljr for his set, I added about 79.

    My motivation for updating his work is, I wanted more 'authentic' looking artwork than the other complete set I found on the ftp, e.g. actual jewel cases instead of generic boxes.

    However, this set is far from perfect. I didn't bother putting names on the sides of the Japanese games, because the jewel case templates I used are not authentic to begin with. No sense putting lots of work into making something inauthentic pretty. I did manage to find a good template for Euro games, but I only used them for 3 of the games that were missing. I didn't bother fact checking any of the existing games.

    So, I consider this an improvement if you want a complete set, with more authentic looking art. But I'm hoping someone else will step up and fix the Japanese and remaining Euro games (if any) for region, and we can have a truly authentic set.

    I spent a day on this, and I'm moving on to my main project. If you're a fan of my other work, yes, Ultimate Sega Dreamcast is coming soon, so you can download this now or get this, and all the other goodies when I release that project.
  6. Hi,
    Here is a Bezel I made for the Dreamcast. I made a lot of them, but don't really know where to put them, so that's why i've parked it here for now. More will follow
  7. Logo artwork provided by THK.
  8. Set of Incomplete Dreamcast European 3D boxes credits to Cloud7777 / Marcos Parra
  9. Sega Dreamcast - CD Pack
  10. Olá pessoal fiz 264 capas 3D de Dreamcast Americanas, Europeias e Japonesas espero que gostem.
    (Hello guys did 264 3D covers Dreamcast American , European and Japanese hope you enjoy.)
  11. These scans have been cleaned with great care so they are perfectly round and without any jaggs or so allowing for them to spin in HS looking crisp I didn't do them myself, credit for them goes to the following people:

    Z80: For collecting the scans and editing them to be easy to work with
    bbneo: For cleaning half the scans and do 11 custom ones for missing games
    HellSassa69: For cleaning the other half of the scans

    The only thing I did was telling bbneo and HellSassa69 how to clean the scans so they would look alike and a few minor last touches on some scans.

    Scans are only avalible for games that have videos (in other words games that work).

    Enjoy the scans and feel free to do whatever you want to them as long as you give cred to the guys who made them possible
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