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  1. Version 20131207


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    Includes wheel
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll just try it out. I'm getting a Gun Games MAME install as you say and configuring it to run on Second Display. Then I'll se if I can calibrate the guns just for the second monitor at all. Will keep you informated.
  4. Hi guys, I recently bought two Aimtrak Light Guns from Ultimarc. I use Hyperspin on a 42" LED screen with my Xbox360 Controllers. Unfortunately, I don't have the needed distance between my screen and the guns to calibrate properly. I've thought of using a 19" TFT for the light gun games so I can achieve this distance (Andy told me it's got to be 1.5 times the width of the screen at least). Do you think it'd be possible to set MAME or other emu to run on the second display and then calibrate my guns there? I guess that the mouse functions go to the second display also. I'll do some tests but would appreciate any idea. Thanks a lot, Cheers
  5. Así me gusta, que la comunidad crezca más allá de fronteras. Saludos desde Mallorca, España.
  6. Hi. I'm experiencing issues with some themes on 1.3.1. They freeze at certain parts of the animation.
  7. Nice and smooth. The only issue I have is that it asks me for PCLauncher.ini when I try to play a pc game. What's changed from previous version? Thanks a lot.
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