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  1. Use your dome and you'll find your pleasure
  2. woops, made a typo. It's Celestial Mechanica, not Mechanic.
  3. some requests.. sorry to intrude on the love fest. Sonic Generations Celestial Mechanic Qwak (not sure why this one get no love!! it's a perfect arcade pc gamee) Shatter (it's a game, trust me)
  4. so.. mame vids are at 144 now? or are they using the mame 143 naming?
  5. Hey H0gg1e,

    I was wondering, could you recommend a usb 3.0 mobo that could replace the mobo in the build you recommended? I know you said it had usb 3.0 but wasn't listed as having usb 2.0, but I'd rather not risk getting an old mobo that only has usb 2.0.

  6. technically, hyperspin is not unique.. it was inspired by a very similar frontend, right?
  7. yup mednafen is great, don't even need to use hyperlaunch with mednafen
  8. what's the most recent mame video set? will it be updated to match the a newer version of mame? I think the videos for nonworking games is a great idea.
  9. Will Nintendo DS be considered last generation when the nintendo 3ds is released? What if the 3ds also plays nintendo ds games? what if it can't?
  10. cool now i'm just having issues with the dreamcast emulator.. posted the question on the thread you linked me to. Also, would someone happen to know of ssf can stretch to fit an entire screen?
  11. So I'm not sure what's wrong, when I launch a table it launches but I have to click on the screen to regain control of the pinball (otherwise future pinball does not respond to any key presses). Other than that it runs great. I just have to click the screen after launching the first pinball table (so the first pinball table works fine without clicking). Here's my script, anybody have an idea what may be causing this? else if (systemName = "Future Pinball" && executable = "Future Pinball.exe") { hideDesktop() Hotkey, %exitEmulatorKey%, CloseProcess Gui +AlwaysOnTop -Caption +ToolWindow Gui, color, 0 Gui Show, x0 y0 h%A_ScreenHeight% w%A_ScreenWidth%, Runwait, "%emuPath%%executable%" /open "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%" /play /exit %emuPath%, Hide UseErrorLevel sleep, 5000 Gui Destroy Process, waitClose, %exectuable% process, close, X-Pinball.exe
  12. Thanks man, you've always been really helpful. Much appreciated. I'll get to try it this weekend.
  13. cool.. I was wondering if you could help me with a few more things. I'm also running future pinball in hyperspin. The script I'm using is from the underground gamer setup. It launches the games fine but I was wondering if you knew of anyway to hide the launch process from the user? I'm not referring to the screen with the loading bar. First future pinball loads (the area where you can edit the pinball) and it stays there a bit before the game loading screen comes up. Does the dreamcast script on the link you gave me work with the latest release of nulldc? r50 I believe
  14. Thanks! updating long rom names? I might be able to help, but I won't have time for about 2 weeks.
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