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  1. netcat

    Seriously !

    By all means, if it makes you feel better (AND you can),, feel free to lock it instead of whining.
  2. netcat

    Seriously !

    @justinwebb Why .. yes I did... Your perception of "The obvious" is outstanding.
  3. netcat

    Seriously !

    Anyone want to tell me what that means ?
  4. netcat

    Seriously !

    2014...... is it my imagination or is the version posted for Download still 1.0 ? Where is Version 2 ?
  5. netcat

    Seriously !

    To all of those attempting to pretend there is no problem. The Inability to acknowledge (or correct) the fact that by openly posting ERRONEOUS information you are doing more harm than good, reflects very porly on the authors and comunity of an otherwize mezmerizing application YES I know im touching close to home, and yes I do apologize to all of those whoms feelings have been bruised and have had their feather ruffled. the simple fact is..... "sorry your stupid and you cant figure it out, we dont care enough to NOT post erroneous information, so please proceed to the nearest exit were you will be provided a lemon to suck on" is a very poor excuse. To put it mildly. To The author and documenters. * The application is amazing * Providing I have the patience and time I would LOVE to get more involved much like I have in past years in many other projects. including the implementation of BETABRIGHT signs on Mame and jukebox applications (YES that was my brainchild) * I was simply stating a fact and advizing against bad publicity didnt mean to piss off half the users You are doing a fantastic and very polished job. please let not my (or anyone elses opinion) discourage you in any way, shape or form.
  6. netcat

    Seriously !

    1st. I never said I COULDNT figure it out, I very much can and posibly may still decide to use hyperspin. as I said. the interface is georgeous and there aint no denying it I spoke up because im the kind of person that would rather no help at all then beeing mislead. I think its awesome you figured it out and should be proud of yourself and your achievements... what about a writeup for those of us who are old and tired (after 25 years of doing exactly what you just described) Otherwize, rest assured me.... (being me), will huff and puff a bit more, kick some pebbles around. raise an eyebrow once or twice and then promptly ,figure it our, take snapshots, documennt it and post it, just to become disgruntled again next month when my documentation becomes obsolete. ....... it is the nature of the beast
  7. netcat

    Seriously !

    ok guys... now really. if the quickstart document has people doing a whole bunch of stuff that is NOT going to work, it is not only not helpfull it is actually doing the user a disfavor. if the current version of hyperHQ software is uncapable of creating the XML files (or does it in a different fasion that the quickstart documentation says) WHY leave it posted ? Please excuse me for my harshness Granted, it took me 45 seconds to realize the quick setup guide was referring to another version (suspisciously impossible to obtain) but I ran across multiple posts of poor people wondering if they were going mad. what amazes me the most is that just by running the main Hyperspin application it is quite evident someone really and i do mean REALLY worked hard at creating an extremelly polished piece of software s.. why fall short on the documentation ?
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