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  1. Hi Gyom, Been out of the scene for a little bit, but this caught my eye. While I have a plunger on my cab, I never really did anything with it. I was always looking for the best way to create a virtual plunger (The hardware specifically). This high hat controller looks like a cool idea. Think I understand the principle of variable resistance but, how do you intend to interface these led's with your pc? I'd love to see pics and hear your feedback on how well it works out when completed.
  2. I know practically nothing about the Arduino board. This thread is on my next to read list. In the mean time, something fun I came across, accomplished with this board Enjoy
  3. Guess I'll throw my hat in as well. My Transformers build. - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?18104-Transformers-Cabinet-Build-40-27-19 WIP
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