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  1. That looks good. I downloaded it from steam and put it on the cab. I noticed that you cannot change the buttons other than what is pre defined. That sucks although the buttons map to my setup so it wont be a huge issue. Biggest thing for me is i dont have a mouse and keyboard attached to my cab so navigating is a pain at the moment. Really looking forward to a solution to launch this from within HP.
  2. It only took two years. I think i remember posting on zens site what seems like forever ago. Has anyone put up a vid of this playing i'd be interested.
  3. i had 12v on the dmd for ohh about an 1hr before i realized it. So Probably fried the pindmd. I have a friend with one not far away i'll grab his tomorrow and report back.Anywhere to check voltage on the pindmd that would give me any indicator?
  4. I have my virtual cab and it was all working in December did a little re configuring early January and accidentally hooked the display to 12v so i sent the display back. would adding 12v to the dmd also fry the pindmd? My question is there a way to test the display minus the pindmd?
  5. Shouldn't I get picture with just power applied? A logo? It is a v1.
  6. no video at all. yes single 0603 led. Its getting power showing 5.15v on all chips.
  7. can anyone with a LEE-128G032-1 take a picture of the u23 chip on the back. I sent my dmd off to vishay in January for a rma and just got it back yesterday and its doing the same thing. After inspecting the board in looks as though a couple of pins are bridged and i wanted to compare to someone else's.
  8. from my experience and i havnt tried the ems 3 though i know of a few people who have. Lights guns are a pain in the butt to keep working properly. I had the aim track back in 2010 and didnt have alot of luck with them kept coming out of calibration..? but, the aimtrak with have more support with the mame community so may be a better bet to go with them. I know that they have made some improvements over the years. I know that im going to buy two for my upcoming build and see how much better they are. Anyone else wants to chime in i would like to hear what they think.
  9. Thats not a bad price ill look into that for my next build. Thanks.
  10. That would be good if you dont mind how much was the 32?
  11. the high current driver board i think he is referring to is http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?20847-Revised-Booster-Board-design&highlight=booster+board it removed the 500ma limitation on the led wiz by moving it to another board. Also removed the need for relays on most high current toys.
  12. Nice to see all those links turning into something Looks real good so far.
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